This is where £30,000 should be going!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuztyBabe, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. I saw this last week. The sun carried the report to their credit, which isn't something I often say. I'm disgusted and sad, this man felt at his age death was better than ending his days in an alien environment.


    £30,000 to make a Ladyboy for the Army....shame on you!
  2. 8O

    I heard a minute report of the incident but the day after, a smaller report said the police was satisfied that the person purposely injured himself and that was it, no further explanation, no neighbour interviews, not even a reporter on site or a camera area pan. How sad that he felt to choose that way to go, RIP.
  3. If there is a medical reason why a serving soldier needs £30,000 treatment, is it not incumbent on the MOD to pay for it ??.

    The disgrace is that the ex-para was not cared for , but these two stories are not connected. To pin them together makes you sound like a Daily Mail Journo.
  4. Of course there is a connection....The Army don't support their Veterans and yet have the money for what should be a privately funded op.
  5. This what happens when someone with no real connection to the forces post!
  6. Maybe this is what some of the Establishment would prefer. After all the Romans saved their Government problems by falling on their swords!!!!
  7. It was his choice to kill himself and he had the courage to go ahead with it. Courage that he no doubt displayed in WW2. The fact that the Scum picked it up and ran the story says everything; if he'd worked down the mines......
  8. I'd say they still would have run the story Trev, the issue is this was a man of 93, and yes in this case he was a Army Veteran!....statistically how many more years would he have had.? £30,000 would have afforded him a home help and meals on wheels.
  9. And you wonder why some people in the general public have become indifferent. That was an un-called for remark

  10. How can the army fund care of all the veterans, when they have little enough money for serving soldiers. If there is a failing, it is with the Government. Do you not think any person who has ever served would do their utmost to care for the Para ?

    Whatever your feelings on the gender reassignment, the guy is a serving soldier, so MOD pays for it.
  11. was it? i feel you were tying in 2 different topics that are at each end of the spectrum. one is a serving soldier the other a veteran that has been out of service for a long long while.

    It has nothing to do with the topic as yes it should be on here as a point of discussion, but to suggest that's where the £30000 should have gone is not a good point to make in this case.

    There was nothing to suggest he took his own life due to service issues from that article, it was more to do with being a widower and having pneumonia and not wanting to end his days in hospital.
  12. What have you been sniffing, how the hell can you link these two stories together. There is nothing in this story to say that this gentleman has not been looked after as a veteran, from what I can see he has just decided that he doesnt want to burden anyone in his old age. He has had an excellent life from all accounts but has decided enough is enough and thats all. Before you start accusing the Army of not supporting the vets out there go and have a good look at what the Associations, RBL, SSAFA and the other charities do and how much assistance is out there. My father who is in a wheel chair after having his legs amputated as had lots of assistance off the charities.

    From your posts so far I wonder if you have ever served and also wonder how you have connected these stories.
  13. I'm not serving, but from a military family so it's not completely unfamiliar to me. I've taken an interest in the Armed Forces and some of the less glamorous issues. I just feel there is a connection when you look deeper.
  14. look deeper? where do i have to look deeper? unless you have some facts that we don't. I cannot see how you can connect the 2 topics.

  15. Ah! A walt once removed ...

    ... should be removed more often :twisted: