This is what your government thinks of you......



Your statistics, far from undermining what I say to a great degree support it.  Without the necessary immigration the age profile the population will radically alter.  Yes the average age will only rise by a couple of years, but the numbers of extremely old (those who actually require the most social support) will grow disproportionately, so what is balancing them up?  The answer is the relatively young age of the immigrant population,
What you`re advocating is the immigration equivalent of pyramid selling .....It`s not sustainable ...... As the immigrant population gets older , with your theory , we will need even more immigrants to support them ,and so on and so on .



That is exactly my point.  Either we (traditional British population) have more children to balance out our population or we let people in.  As you stated, the projected profile sees the population growing, reaching some form of equilibrium then falling.  A disproportionate part of that growth is in the immigrant (largely non-white) community.  When the population decline starts, it will be mainly amongst the older white population.  Therefore the proportion of non-whites will grow even further.  You keep stating the problem but what is your answer?  As far as I can see your solution is to keep these people out, accept that just as we had a baby boom in the 50’s and 60’s, which eventually settled down, we will have a “granny boom” in twenty years time.  People just entering the job market and those still at school will just have to accept the painful economic and social consequences that go with it.  Will they?  Can you see the average materialistic young Brit accepting a significantly lower standard of living than we (their parents) had?


Woopert you have my vote.  It's about time someone sits up and takes an interest in the view of almost everyone i know.  

let me know when, and i'll be there.


Even if Woopert does take charge of the madhouse is anything really going to change ?

If El presidente Blair does get bounced out of power will the next bunch of ingrates would be any better. The Labour party has shown that control of the media through spin is a really effective way to get the messages out to the public and now most media types are failing to get their act together to really look and listen at what the political parties are actually saying and how they will make a difference. I know it is extreme by Mr Campbell does seem to me to be a "softer Gobbels". Even the BBC funded by the tax payer has a top man appointed by the Government.. The BBC has said that it will be nice to the army so that they can get the full rights to cover Gulf War 2. So the Government really does control one of the main mediums of communication in this country. This coupled with the public's apathy to deal with the Government will allow the politicians to get away with murder.

Im my humble opinion If someone wants to make a difference then the system has to change. B@~#*£$S to Iraq lets put Westminster on the frontline and lets deal with a more immediate dictator.

The first thing I would do if I ever "took over the madhouse" would be to change the current policy!

The machinery of Government is not an easy thing to turn around, rather like a battleship it is big, cumbersome, has a momentum of its own, and leaves a wide wake in its trail. That isn't the issue, what is the issue is that the policies of this Government are racked with hatred for Britain and its institutions of which the armed forces are high on that list. Like a spoilt child it wants to break the toys in the nursery because it is bored with them. The Socialist vision of Britian is as part of a homogenous clump of land deviod of national identity in a wider federal Europe where "responsibility" is replaced by "rights" and honour is replaced by "victimhood".

Pile et al, if ever I went into politics it would be in my late 40's or 50's, and I am at least 20 years away from that. What i am saying to you is that if I were standing now, my manifesto is clear. If you agree with me in any or all of the points I have raised then don't rely on me, rather influence change for yourselves. The Tories in their present form are a spent force. Whomever you align yourself to politically, whether it be Tories, Greens, LibDems, or Monster Raving Loony, make your opinions known and ensure that they select a candidate that offers a voice of opposition. Don't accept a weak society that does not respect a strong armed forces.


War Hero
Just a point on the immigration issue - if we're going to take in immigrants then they should ALL be English-speaking, civilised people from South Africa and T.O. Rhodesia.

I seem to remember that South Africa and pre-1980 Rhodesia had the highest standard of living in Africa for all athnic groups by a factor of about 10. Whereas most of the immigrants we get now are from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kosovo. Which are all sh1tholes.

Makes you think.

Mr Happy

Ahhh anti-immigration as a topic, you are all racists.  Burn in hell.

Of course that said, as London is probably the most ethnically diverse city in the world and has one of the lowest serious crime rates perhaps it's fare to say the Brits are in fact a tolerant lot after all the rhetoric and lets face it.  Whilst we might not actively like having our streets taken over by people that are 'different' if any BNP scum burned down my local Curry house or Chinky I'd be out there duffing up skin heads in the blink of an eye. :mad:

Perhaps what we all need is a moment of reflection on the goodness of immigrants in our society, a bit less alarm from the newspapers and realisation that until governments raise taxes massively we're screwed in our pensions.   :-/

If you care to think about the USA's population explosion (50million to 280million in 60 years I think) then you might find a link between immigration and wealth. :eek:

If I could change one thing about the current policy it would be the lack of regulation and tax enforcement, the Dutch (a pretty liberal bunch of pot smoking slackers you can be sure of) managed it a few years ago so why can't we. ???

The Snob

Woopert - just say the word, and I'll be there! I'll even give my blokes the day off to attend the rally. It's great to see someone articulating these views - I was getting worried that the ability of the professional soldier to stand up for themselves was being diluted by the insidious policies of Number 10.


War Hero
If the army as a whole voted against this government that would be over 120,000 people saying no, enough to turn a few constituencies.
How about all three services along with spouses place ourselves on the electoral register of a barracks in or near a quiet constituency.

We all then vote for our appointed representative and hey presto...perhaps we could achiev an Army rep, Naval rep along with the RAF.......

Could even stand as independant armed forces parties...
Muttley, I like that idea very much

What we need , is a large Base in the middle of nowhere, where servicefolk outnumber the locals, and all get themselves on the electoral register
Tis a cunning plan
However, we need
1. A Big base in the middle of nowhere, with beaucoup squaddies or service bods
2. A quick gander at Queens Regs to see if serving members of HM regular forces can seek part time employment as MP's. I suspect not, but their wives can?
It has to be someone connected by marriage etc. If we get an independent , he/she will catch gravytrain-itis, see current DefSec for an example
3. A campaign starting as soon as possible

Yes, I like it, what are you going to call this fourth way?
But we would fight back better than iraqi women and children so you might have a real fight on your hands monkey..!!!!!!!!!!!
I would hope you would put up a slightly better fight, otherwise that would give us grounds to mock you further. Fight as hard as you want, the harder the better, when you lose, which you will, at least it will restore a small amount of your dwindling self respect in knowing that at least you attempted something. Even if the idea was way above your station. Then when you look at your black eyes and fat lips and go home yo you ugly wives they might hold you with higher esteem than they did when you were burning logs and singing your puffy strike songs.

Some of you may have noticed that a few posts have been deleted. A certain amount of the latter part of this thread has descended into slagging. The place for that is the NAAFI.

In any case, I will not tolerate infammatory remarks of any nature NO MATTER WHO MAKES THEM! It is 0040, I am tired and frankly I have neither the time nor the patience to wade through tit-for-tat slagging off from anyone. If I don't like the look of something in a post I will not waste the time editingit, I will simply delete it even if it contains otherwise well argued prose. You have been warned.
I was mainly talking to you foolishtroops.


As he has not replied to you Woopert i will do it by proxy... Foolishtroops says..oops!!

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