This is what your government thinks of you......

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jip Travolta, Feb 7, 2003.

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    And this from The Times:

    If you're not enraged by this there is something seriously wrong with you......

  2. Then take into account MQs, Single accom, food etc all going up.

    Then no doubt we will all have to pay via a tax increase for Bush & Blairs desert party.

    Not alot if anything left :(
  3. Army to strike over 3.2%


    Army To Strike

    Date: 1/4/03

    Press Release.

    In the face of industrial action by members of the armed forces over their "pathetic" pay rise the government has announced that the fire service will, as an interim measure, carry out military operations in Iraq.

    The army, who have demanded a 40% pay increase on the basis that their job has become more complex and technical since 1945, will begin strike action next Thursday unless a compromise can be reached. It is understood that they will spend their time standing around little bonfires, rubbing their hands together and waving at passing vehicles that sound their horns at them.

    Crack fire service personnel, highly trained in tea drinking, darts and snooker are understood to be on standby to undertake front line operations. Using their "red goddess" engines they will charge toward Iraqi lines and attempt to annoy the enemy into surrender by making a lot of noise and spraying water at them.

    PM Tony Blair has already stated that the fire service strike of last year has proved that a vastly undermanned service with limited training and unsuitable equipment can perform the duties of a well trained, well equipped and well manned professional force as efficiently and without loss of life.

    When it was pointed out to him that the bright red engines would make an easy target he said, "never mind, there`s too many of them anyway, . er is that camera running?"
  4. Plus your NI contributions are going up this April.
  5. Maybe they're giving us all this extra cash to pay for Mr Silverman et all for the things that everyone actually needs such as desert boots and combats? They Scaleys from 2 Sigs who were on the TV recently were wearing the same C95 and boots that we all wear at home. Has anyone due to jet off to the great sandpit actually been issued any of this recently promised kit yet?
  6. Fcuking excuse me?  Are you gagging for a coup or what?
  7. So lets have the revolution, this country is getting to be a bag of nuts.
    Unfortunately I can only whinge and not don my kit and F**K OFF out of it, So find the leader and I will be the sheep....
  8. I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

    This government came to power on a wave of apathy. In the last election B Liar polled only 49% of a 52% turn out, a record low turn out of any election since WW2. In other words less than a quarter of the voting populous gave him any sort of electoral mandate, and yet he parades around like as if he was a dictator who polled 99.9% of a 100% turn out (yes, I am likening him to Saddam's B'aath party!). In his TV appearance last week he was ridiculed as the "Honourable Member for Baghdad West". He took offence at that, perhaps because someone had the audacity no to trust "trust me Tone" and dared question the fuzzy logic of it all.

    This government hates us. It hates the Britain of our fathers. It hates our educational institutions. It hates our national pride. It hates our traditions, it hates our military. These wounded puppy-dogs bleat because the forces won't accept their whinging left of centre politics. It bleats because the people won't follow their agenda of destroying our heritage. It wants us to believe that every institution is racist and instill fear in the hearts of Britons whenever they question the logic of the ruling party. It floods the country with illegal immigrants through its own inability (or unwillingness) to control the asylum crisis. Our schools are unable to teach, in one case in Birmingham a class of 60 children speaks 33 different languages and English is the minority. Our universities are dumbed down and our elite universities are forced to take under-educated students in the name of social engineering. The newly proposed "citizenship exam" for those being granted British Citizenship doesn't say a word about our history and heitage, rather it teaches people how to take advantage of the benefits system and about gay rights! I don't recognise the country I swore to defend any more, and this is what they want. They don't want an established order that we all understand. They want to replace the etsablishment in place with their new establishment, one of unquestioned obedience. Blair has an agenda of taking this country into a homogonised left wing europe where he will one day be president. The only way he can do this is to destroy our sense of national identity, that very thing that would make us say no. He wants us all to be the same, think the same, act the same, so long as that "same" is what he pushes down our throats. We are witnessing a cultural revolution a la Chairman Mao but with creeping subtlety slowly eroding this country's identity.

    So ex-dvr, you want a leader? you don't need one becuase you are not a sheep, you have proven that by your willingness to stand up and say "no more!". The time to stand up is now. Persuade your friends and colleagues to take an interest in politics. It affects us all and there should be no excuses for taking a negative attitude and becoming fatalistic. Apply pressure to the opposition parties by joining their local associations. Stand up and be counted at meetings and force them to adopt the policies we believe are right. Get your friends in your units to vote and become politically active. The QRs only prevent you from standing in elections and becoming an agitator, they don't stop your from having and sharing opinions and voting on them in the ballot box. Insist on your vote and use it. If the army as a whole voted against this government that would be over 120,000 people saying no, enough to turn a few constituencies. Just think what would happen if we were joined by every member of the other services? An agenda dominated by the reurn of Britain to the people and not a group of leftist politicos who cliam to speak for a people that have been made too afraid to speak out against them. Ask yourself a question, do you want to live in a world where the greater crime is not rape or murder, but to disagree with a government policy on immigration and be accused of being a racist for disagreeing, or speak out against the banning of fox hunting and be accused of elitism, or to speak out against the destruction of the eductaion system and the denial of our heritage and be called a fascist? If the answer is no, then get up and do something!
  9. So what do we want to see? Let me tell you my manifesto, standards raised in schools and a return of discipline and selection based on ability and teaching to the highest levels of that ability. I want to see universities selecting only the brightest and the best so that their minds can be put to use by this country. I want to keep the Pound. I want to see taxes lowered and "jobs for the left wing boys" dissapear (just open a page of the Wednesday job section in the Guardian and see the "outreach workers for men who have sex with men" jobs being advertised, they cost us taxpayers money!!). I want to see waste in the NHS abolished (299,000 administrators to 269,000 nurses!). I want to see a reduction in the commitments to the armed forces, or increased defence spending to cope. I want to see an end to the influx of illegal immigrants and a controlled system of maintaining our borders so that only the deserving are granted asylum and those with a reason to live i the UK are granted residence. I want to see an end to the erosion of the British identity, the continuence of the Monarchy, the restoration of our history, and an end to needless beurocracy that stifles the entrepreneurial spirit. There should be a fair and appropriate system of social security that requires the young and workshy forced to work or have their benefits withheld. I want to see a strong and commited justice system where the victim has more rights than the perpetrator. i want to see and end to the madness of the compensation culture, and a return of civility.

    Is this too much to ask I wonder?
  10. You've just dicked yourself to run for office

    You'd get my vote, unless the above just a sales pitch to get you in the seat ;D
  11. W,

    I like it. A lot of very good points and I am sure that many users of this board will agree with you. Just to pick up on a couple of points:

    Sadly, the Services and the Army in particular are not seen as a political entity because the proxy vote dillutes our impact by spreading our votes throughout the UK. Also many of us do not vote as we cannot stand politicians !  ;)

    This pay rise is ridiculous.   :mad: I accept that there must be some checks and balances in the public pay sector, but there has to be a more substantial increase for nurses, teachers and ourselves if all of us are to recruit the right calibre of person and retain them for the benefit of this nation.

    To pay a soldier just £12 - 13K a year for the long hours, uncertainty and messing round that we all experienced on Op FRESCO, and then a deployment to the ME, is taking advantage of the goodwill and decency of our soldiers, sailors and airmen who regularly act in a variety of roles in the UK and abroad as a force for good. This in my view, is morally wrong and a national disgrace.
  12. Sorry have I strayed into the BNP web site by mistake?

    Time to stop believing what the Daily Mail says and join the 21st Century folks.  Remember if you can't take a joke you can always leave. And feel free to stand for election if you are unhappy with our current political masters. Bet you lose your deposit!
  13. In the Irish Republic the Army wives formed a political  party to try force the Govt to raise the standard of army pay. We as serving personnel cannot run for office. But a party formed of army wives could be a force to be reckoned with. ;D
  14. Nurse,

    What a frighteningly good idea. I wonder how many of our wives or significant others have said "I'd like to give Mr. Blair a piece of my mind" especially in recent times?

    I'm sure they could organise themselves into a fornidable force... Yes, it's a good idea :)

    Woopert, who are we going to vote for? Labour never gets my vote anyway, The Conservatives are a spent , shadowy force, the LibDems need a leader, I'd have preferred Ming Campbell.

    They normally get my vote, because
    1. They're not the other two
    2. LibDem Defence and Armed Forces policy is broadly in line with the way a lot of us feel.

    I regard myself as Centre Right , so I'd be looking for a party that represented me. So that rules out the Torchlit Rally tossers and others of their ilk. Time for a new political party that represents us , and our interests methinks