This is what our "elected representatives" think o

won't miss 'tedious' MP work, says Banks

Steven Shukor
Saturday November 27, 2004
The Guardian

Tony Banks, the outspoken MP who is stepping down at the next election after 22 years in parliament, has admitted he gained no satisfaction from helping his constituents with their "tedious" problems.
In an interview with BBC radio's The Week in Westminster programme, to be broadcast today, the West Ham MP and former minister said: "I most certainly won't miss the constituency work. It's 22 years of the same cases, but just the faces and people changing. I found it intellectually numbing - tedious in the extreme.

"It might sound a little disparaging to say this about people's lives and their problems and we did deal with them ... but I got no satisfaction from this at all ... And all you were was a sort of high-powered social worker and perhaps not even a good one.

"I will miss being chairman of the works of art committee ... because I was having so much intellectual enjoyment, and indeed just straightforward fun, out of reorganising our collection, and that kept me in touch with history."

Mr Banks, 61, has been a lively presence at Westminster, memorably describing the former Tory leader William Hague as a "foetus", and serving as sports minister in Tony Blair's first administration. But he said he realised it was time to leave when he started asking himself: "Why am I doing this?"

He was annoyed by media reports suggesting that MPs were enjoying a gravy-train existence when he felt he was working hard for a modest financial reward.

"You are working your nuts off and you are getting abused by journalists," he said. "I'm going to leave the House of Commons with overdrafts [and] hardly any savings."
The gulf between our "elected representatives" and "us" is greater than at any time since the Winter of Discontent. Our MPS view themselves as a professional class with greater concerns than what their mere constituents have. A wake-up call is needed at the next election and hopefully in due course Mr Banks will be "rewarded" for the keen interest he has shown in issues such as foxhunting, by grateful members of the public. :twisted:
Yes, well I suppose constituency work would be boring compared to fermenting a Communist revolution in the UK, like he wanted...
if he hated the job so much why stay for 22 years ? Dealing with the general public is horrible but tough . no savings dosent mention his pension does he ?
Hit the nail on the head with the 'professional class' comment. If MPs were only paid expenses there would be 90% fewer of the creatures currently with their snouts at the trough, but their replacements would be a better-motivated lot, I'd wager.
It's 22 years of the same cases
After 22 years he hadnt solved those cases, what the feck has he done for 22 years.

If he didnt like it that much why is he still around after 22 years.

Lets face it, our band of MPs are only out for themselves and feck us Joe Public if we expect them to represent us!

Each day we are getting closer to a Police state with a few privileged individuals milking our country for all its worth :evil:

Some days I look at what our once great country has come to and it drives me to despair :(

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