This is what Muslims do to nonces

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WolvoExPunk, May 21, 2012.

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  1. So where were mummy and daddy when the 13 year old was having this relationship with a 21 year old? My daughter is 16 and there's no ******* way I'd stand for that!
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  2. Justice served.
    But where are the pics of the daughter in the article?
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  3. I very much doubt the 13 yr old told her folks she was gonna meet her 21 yr old grown man. More likely she was "just going down to her school pal's house for to watch a dvd."
  4. Was it the paedophilia being objected to or could they not stand the "shame on their family" wrought by such an adventure?

    Suppose it's better than convicting and stoning the 13 y.o. girl, de rigeur in Pakistan or Iran.
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  5. Did they kill her as well for 'shaming' them?
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  6. 16+ is fair game. Unlucky!
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  7. No mention of that but I daresay she will be grounded until she's about 30 years old. Can't say I blame em for that.
  8. Worship them for 1400 years?
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  9. It may be what muslims do to nonces that do nasty to muslim kids, but they don't seem bothered about the muslims that did nastiness to white kids to in recent cases.
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  10. It's probably me and my dyslexia, but I can't see the M word anywhere in that article?
    Perhaps the woman was just a protective mother who did not like what he had done and went too far in addressing the problem.
  11. No worries. When you know as much about diversity as I do, you can tell Muslim names.
  12. Typical bolloxs....if she( the mum) had forcibly married her off to some rich old twat it wouldn't have mattered.
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  13. Thanks for that. Everyday we learn something. Are you able to tell a criminal from the shape of his forehead? ;-)
  14. Lets get this straight. a 21 year male, with a 13 year female, on at least speaking terms with 1 of the parents? Grooming for an arranged marriage? Has all the hallmarks.
    Still what we call paedophillia in our society is quite acceptable in muslim circles.