This is what I want my cab driver to look like....

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 7, 2002.

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  1. She can't be one of our Door Gunners shes only got one head ;D

    And it looks like its got the proper kit. Not evian water bottles taped to the ejection port ::)
  2. ooooooops RAAAC.....

    She's a stryne.....

    ..and apparently, there equivalent of Pip , as regards coverage etc..

    She flies the UH-60 (Proper troop bus), and I'm happy to share the chopper with her anytime...

    (Juvenile double-entendre inserted, to conform to Female pre-conceptions)  ;D
  3. She has only one head but on close inspection, I think shes a man, or at least she used to be.
  4. Yes, I'm sure she used to be a Cpl in the Royal Artillery called Douglas! ???
  5. still kinda cute though......   :eek:
  6. smiley missing from previous post.....

  7. Sorry mate, cant rectify that now you've been rumbled ;D

    If you want to open another thread and discuss this problem further then feel free, but lets not contaminate Gods Corps section with thoughts of deviancy ;D
  8. Well, if Sir Peter Cosgrove says she's a woman, then I guess she is...

    Anyway, I can't see a trannie lasting that long in Australian armed forces , they're not THAT progressive.

    Wasn't it the Sky Blues that had that CSM go for a sex change?  ;D

    were all virile, spectacular, heterosexual sex gods with chicks hanging off us that a thousand shi**y sticks couldn't fend off.
  10. I was once told an amusing anecdote, by someone at Gutersloh...

    Bunch of the God-Likes went out on the razz in Hanover, bumped into a bunch of English lasses, BA hosties I think. One of the Gods got talking to a female, and took quite a shine too her, because she had more than an elementary understanding of all things flying.

    So eventually she asks....What do you fly then?

    He proudly admits.....  I'm a Gazelle Jock"

    Her reply?

    "Oh, I thought you were a REAL AAC Pilot".....lololololol
  11. Yeah you can tell it was the floppy driver talking to the girls, they cant get closer that 6ft to a lynx jock because of thier big bellies ;D

    If they were door gunners however , she wouldn't have been able to talk, shed have her gob full ;D
  12. Two questions:

    What mark helmet is that?   ???

    Is this really a woman?   :-/