This is what I call a capability!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by greenbaggyskin, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. No need. Our mighty Type 45 destroyer fleet (current strength: 1) will deal with any ballistic nasties thrown our way by damned Diego foreign Johnnies like Comrade Kim.

    There's apparently an extended range missile in the pipeline (ASTER 45?) that will give T45 similar capabilities to the American Aegis ABM ships. It'll be able to shoot down incoming missiles while they're still in space.

    T45 is fitted 'for but not with' this miracle weapon, just like the Phalanx guns, and the torpedoes, and the Harpoon missiles, and the Merlin helicopter, and Sea Skua missiles, and the depth charges.
  2. Just had a great idea. We are surrounded by water, so why don't we learn how to build ships. Nah, wouldn't work. All those clever people around the world who build them wouldn't let us in on the know how.
  3. wow that american thing looked an awesome bit of kit!!!
  4. Lets hope that if it detects anything that the local commanders will listen to the operators of the radar site this time:)
  5. Surely this thing would be able to tell the difference between a flight of B17s and a nuke...

    aaaaah, forget it.
  6. We don't need the detection facility (we already have a direct feed from Fylingdales), we could do with a mobile system to act as back-up though. It makes sense for that to be naval though. What we need are ground based interceptors. Easiest way is to buy a stack of SM3s from the spams.
  7. er flyingdales anyone?
  8. Ner, ner beat you to it! :twisted:
  9. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Nice bit of psychological warfare even if the thing is a big laboon. Float a BFO radome out into the sea so everyone can see it go...
  10. We may well end up building something just like that on an old oil platform if they don't solve the problem of offshore wind turbines restricting the quality of data we get from air defence radars.

    I have seen images similar to those before, so have the spams sent others out to sea previously to form a network ?
  11. It may not impress some of you blokes, but having spent a fair chunk of my life aboard ships, it impresses me.
  12. That thing took part in the anti-satellite mission last year. It works.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What I want to know is WTF did they use to pick it up and stick it on that boat? More's the point, HTF are they going to get it off again?
  14. the boat semi submerges, big fcuk off thing floats over the top of it, boat lifts up. (being home all day and watching Discovery channel has it's advantages)
    offloading is reverse (see haynes manual) :D