This is what happens on the medical

I've posted this in another forum, but thought it may be useful to post here as well

I had my medical recently -

Eye test
Hearing test
Peak flow
Urinalysis (check for protein, blood, glucose, ketones etc, basically checking for infection, kidney problems, diabetes etc.)
Blood pressure
Heart rate
Colour blindness test
Weight/height (BMI maximum permissable 30)

Then into the doctor
Goes through your forms
Checks spine, feet, limbs (rotates knees - mine didn't crack and usually do LOL).
Looks in your ears, eyes, mouth (tells you to go to the dentist!)
Checks your abdomen
A few exercises (bend over to touch your toes, stand on your tip toes, move your arms about a bit, stuff like that).
That's it as far as I can remember. Oh, the blokes on the medical had the old cup and cough!

Nothing to worry about really.

My BMI was a little too high, at least my unit have been great, have to go in again middle of January, they're giving me support to get my BMI down to 30. I've been given permission to use their gym (at my own risk!) and it's fantastic. I'm aiming to get my BMI to an acceptable level by March.

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