this is what a gun culture does for you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. This is a serious, genuine company in the US that we (and many other UK firms in the defence industry) deal with, and this is one of their new advertising campaigns.

    ZEC * Zombie Elimination Crew

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  2. Is that gat pink?!

    Don't let Jarrod see this. He'll want one
  3. Send the fuckers to the Rhondda, no humans there!!
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  4. Just as well the Zombies move slowly those fat fucks wouldnt last long out running any of them, unless they shoot the chick in the ankle as an offering FFS!
  5. I don't think it's the result of a gun culture so much as the result of industrial pollution in the water table when they were in the womb. That and fried chicken, obviously.
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  6. And,these 5 people are upsetting who exactly ?
  7. Not me; now that it's illegal to laugh at the disabled and make them dance whilst throwing them hot coins, laughing at obese Americans who think they're Rambo is the last of the good old-fashioned pleasures still available.
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  8. Sod the pink gat, I'll have the blond.
    As for the other characters, 2nd from left looks like he's the zombie and the one in the middle looks like he's just come from the planet Zanussi.
  9. There's a subculture in the US Armed Forces and Gun Culture that pretends that Zombies are the threat and shoot at "Zombie" targets. Bit weird I grant you but in essence harmless. No different really to Figure 12 Hun Heads and fighting "Ze Germanz" or Red Forces being very thinly disguised Russians.

    Pink is very popular for the lady shooters - pink AR Furniture, purple AR furniture, colored AR furniture again no different to the ANA "Females" tarting up their Rifles.
  10. Serious company with a tongue in cheek marketing strategy:

    "Obviously we're just having some fun with this zombie promotion around the Halloween season," said Pete Brownell, President/CEO of Brownells. "I want to thank Hornady, EOTech, Otis, Guns & Ammo's Zombie Nation, and ATN for their support of this project. We've found that survival themed products attract a whole other segment, particularly younger people, into the shooting sports – and that’s good for all Second Amendment supporters."
  11. I was given to understand that the 'zombies' they are actually preparing against are not so much undead with a reputed fondness for human flesh, as melanin-enhanced gentlemen with a reputed fondness for watermelons.
  12. Here found some Zombies be afraid they live amongst us.

  13. If they're zombies I'd be happy to attempt to prove you can fuck them to death with three out of four in that photo.
  14. Which 3?
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  15. Well they have a member of the Taffia flopping around like landed fish on the end of their line...