This is utterly ridiculous!!!


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Following last years pronouncements about MTDs a bcertain TA Regiment has gone ridiculously in the other direction. Most of the soldiers have got the next 5 weekends with mil trg. This includes from next week 4 weekends of a trade training course. This is a clear example of a timetable drawn up by Regular soldiers with no thought for their TA soldiers. Many will have already booked commitments on what, until the new year, would have been free weekends. Also many soldiers simply cannot attend that many weekends on the bounce because they HAVE to work some weekends, swapping shifts etc to make room for TA. Noteithstanding the fact that many will simply not want to work 42 days without a day off. This is, perhaps, the worse single piece of non-retention policy I have ever seen.
Sounds like lunacy. Surely they can't expect a worthwhile outcome. IMHO if they're trying to cram them in for some reason that's just bad planning on their part.
That sounds a lot like PPPlanning leading to PPPerformance.

Out of interest is it a TA unit that have more people than it needs and is intentionally producing a behaviour it knows or believes will lead to mass resignations / mass bounty failures?

Cynic, moi?


Sounds like fun...

So are all the weekends different activities or are they running the same weekend several times to allow everyone the chance to partake (apart form the trade course)? Does the trade course use external trainers (in which case they may only be available during those 4 weekends)?

If the schedule was not known until 1st Jan this year, and the fault lies at Bn, then the Training Major should be sacked and some people need an education in life. Annual training schedules should be done in time to allow the CO, QM, etc to fight for their budgets before the sum is awarded, and subsequently revised to reflect the amount of money the Bn has that year.

Apart from Annual Reports it is one of the few vital things that officers have to do.

It might be worth asking why this is happening at such short notice. If you are not happy with the reason then one of the luxuries you have in the TA is being able to vote with your feet: write a letter to your OC telling him why you are not attending. If enough lads do it then they get the message.

Have fun with your 42 days without a break: I am taking the next 5 weeks off on holiday (which will be spent supervising the raising of the roof of my new house :( )


Rapid reality check from some of the senior TA people to let the regular staff know that they are on to a non-starter perhaps? We had a similar issue because the person drawing up the training programme looked at each month in isolation, so he saw 2 weekend in Feb, 2 in March etc. We looked at it as an overall view and saw 4 working weekends out of 5. Quick phone call later along the lines of "which 2 of the 4 would you like the soldiers in for, because you won't get them in for all 4" saw the programme rewritten.

Got to be worth a try!


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A case of - let's get the days in before April, and we lose the money?

The TA is a hobby, one of many hobbies available, and is really part of the leisure industry - at the very least we appeal to the same demographic as many other voluntary organisations, and this should never be forgotten. This move strikes me as slightly pathetic, displaying a lack of common sense, and above all a complete ignorance of how the TA works. Surely someone in the Bn/Regt HQ siad ass much; after all, the OCs are TA Soldiers themselves - what is their view on this?

Meanwhile, B'son, I'd be interested to hear how many pitch up for these. I've done plenty of three-weekends-on-the-trot before, and it's not fun. The problem remains, as always, that some people simply do not understand that the TA have a day job, a family, and a life outside the TA. Working three or four or six weeks without a day off is not good for anyone.


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The FOE as published in December was very sensible. Alternating weekends, with a seperate weekend for MATTS and there only being two consecutive weekends with the courses on. Now hoever there is this rump of training, oh and the cancellation of the MATTS weekend. I personally knew I couldn't attend one of the weekends anyway because of a civvi work commitment (that has been penned in for 6 months), but I am in the fortunate position of attending the course to see how the soldiers get on, I'm not sitting it myself. However, I do feel guilty (in fact incredibly jack) about this, as I don't see why I should have to ask/tell my soldiers that they have to do a training commitment that I know is unreasonable and that I cannot do myself.


barbarasson said:
Most of the soldiers have got the next 5 weekends with mil trg.

6 for me, do I win a prize? (Ok, that's includes working last weekend too). Oh, then 2 more over the following 4 weekends.

No complaints here, I'm skint, but I agree, for many with more of a life this would be pretty intolerable.



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Time for a TA reality check – this is a serious threat to retention and even the keen bees will get more than a tad p’d off. The senior TA bod needs to have a behind closed doors session with the Trg Maj. If the CO is TA then it is firmly in his remit to direct that it is sorted, If not, the 2IC, OC’s cabal or the RSM need to speak. If there is a good reason (which I have to doubt), it needs to be communicated to the troops through the Regt CoC.


Hopefully the powers at be will respond to this problem before the blokes start to complain, so while there will be a temporary faff on with diaries, they will at least have a sensible training schedule.


This may as a result of poor planning, but I would suspect a new TM.

He has been told to save MTDs all year and has now been told 'spend 'em or lose 'em'.

More 'boringly predictable' than 'utterly ridiculous'.



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not quite msr, because the aforementioned courses were always going to be finished by april, they are now going to be finished before march pretty much
OldSnowy said:
A case of - let's get the days in before April, and we lose the money?

The TA is a hobby, one of many hobbies available, and is really part of the leisure industry - at the very least we appeal to the same demographic as many other voluntary organisations, and this should

I might be being a tad reactive but most Hobbies don't generally commit you to being shot at etc. :salut:


i have to also have to chuck in my tuppence worth here...

the TA is a part time professional organisation, albeit a poorly run one. it does have to compete with other "hobbies" for an individuals free time, and its something that i always bear in mind when training is organised. i wish that people would see us for what we are, and not the TV stereo-types protrayed in the media.
There could be another side to this whole saga.
With the implementation of JPA, Certificates of Efficiency have to be in by the beginning of March to be able to have bounty paid in Early April (never say 1 Apr cos it rarely happens).
Any that hit after the JPA date will not get paid till maybe September.
Are some Units late in getting that info?
Also for Bounty you have to be FFR as well as passing MATTs and Camp etc.
FFR for some means trade quailfied.
NO I am not making excuses for poor training programmes, we had to have ours changed, boring for some, to ensure everyone had the opportunity to qualify for Cert.

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