This is truly horrific.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hogspawn, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. solution involves a rope and ones neck
  2. Simple,

    The Chavs need slowly gang raping with a large marrow up the ricker, then have sulphuric acid poured all over them.

    Live by the sword, die by the fecker :x

  3. WTF??

    Have they managed to catch the chavs involved?
  4. [​IMG]

    'nuff said.
  5. Trap his nuts in a vice, remover the handle, then set fire to the bench and as you walk away, hand him a blunt knife, all this in a woman's prison exercise yard!!

    Or use him (and others) as mine clearance units in Africa "Get Walking"!
  6. I like your solution - especially the sulphuric part. I hope they get the 'justice' they deserve.
  7. bum buggered with a rusty nail and castrated with a blunt knife and fork
  8. I've always believed that one thing we could learn from Afghanistan is a traditional punishment for rapists: turn 'em over to a room full of women and close the door 'til they've finished.

    Of course, we may have to send in sandwiches if they're being especially creative...
  9. I shows that the law has lost any deterrent, it shows that under the Liebour Government society is beginning to break down. Elements of the population have no morals or respect for humanity. That these scum will be cosseted (if caught) given excuses, and treated lightly by the bleeding heart do gooders that this Government has encouraged to rule the roost is disgusting.

    Under this wank Government there will be more people queuing up to help the scum than there are to help the poor victim of this horrific crime.
  10. I read somewhere that rapists and criminals have a greater awareness of investigation techniques from watching CSI and programs like that.

    One CSI unit in the States complained that they were finding it harder to get convictions because juries expected water tight cases as seen on TV dramas.
  11. Simple

    They should have asked themselves

    "What would Fred West have done?"
  12. The rapist will probably go on about his rights - so lets give him his rights.

    His fecking LAST RIGHTS. people like this do not deserve to breath and should be put down like a sick animal.
  13. Fire is a better way of removing evidence.

    I think I would have got carried away and used the acid prior to the sex act, guess I'm just kinky that way?
  14. No - can't agree. I would feel some pity for putting down a sick animal. These feckers just need extermination - after a fair trial.