This is thread 6000 in the TA forum

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 13, 2011.

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  1. Most of the others are also pump.

    To save lots of time, here are the four most useful answers:

    1. Ask your PSI
    2. End of april, usually.
    3. Its not Glasgow, your Unit Clerks have fucked it up.
    4. Lost of shouting and running around, and a dark-skinned Lance Corporal with a porn star 'tache.
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  2. You must be so proud.
  3. Surely most of them are you saying how'd you'd love to deploy but _____________!

    Insert most up to date excuse :D
  4. Trumpet blowing arse bandit. Give us a tune!!!!
  5. Ere you go Tigger

  6. I'd just insert most up to date facts.
  7. I'm sure 5A will be along shortly to congratulate you on your achievement.

    Until then please arrange your own insult from the list below.

    Gopping, civvie, cunt, gibbering, tour dodging, twat, fuckstick, shitcunt, fat, lazy, sheep's cunt.
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  8. I look forward to reading that!
  9. You forgot Hobbyist and commitment phobe.
  10. Thanks for that.

  11. I thank you.
  12. And yet you couldn't resist replying could you?
  13. At least you could resist reading what I actually said.

    You fuckwit.
  14. why would I resist reading your posts? They are comedy gold.

    Why don't you start a poll to see how many TA chaps on here are embarrassed by your dribble?

    Toodles for now you cowardly custard.
  15. Still not twigged, eh?