This is the kind of immigrant we need here

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BarkingSpider, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. Have-a-go hero who locked up mugger of 70-year-old lady in a church.

    This guy is in this country doing a degree course and heard the woman's call for help as her bag was snatched. He tackled the man and locked him in a church.
    He's only allowed to stay here for 5 years but I'd be happy to see him stay as long as he wants.
    More power to him.
  2. Bloody immigrants, coming here saving our pensioners with their community spirit, work ethic and sense of social responsibility. Taking jobs from hard(ly) working policemen, to boot. We should force him to live on nothing but grandiose benefits so readers of the Daily Mail and Sun aren't ever forced to re-evaluate their stereotypes by actual people.

    It's the only language his sort understand.
  3. Fückin' aces, Smartsy! Love it! :D :D :D :D :D

  4. Except he isn't an immigrant is he?
    He's a student here on a temporary basis for his studies. He is also entirely a different type of character to those that many of us are unhappy about.
    But then lets not let the technicalities get in the way should we? After all it makes it harder to criticise the Daily Hate readers if we stick to the facts....!!!!!!
  5. Actually, in Togo they tend to necklace muggers/the equivalent, but I doubt whether he had a tyre and petrol handy. Personally, I'd be happy to see some jungle justice in some of the areas of London I unfortunately have to pass through.
  6. You're right, he's not actually an immigrant, but if he wished to stay here then he would be.
    I chose the 'immigrant' word to highlight the fact that he'd be exactly the type I'd like to see encouraged to stay. A responsible person prepared to study and support a law abiding society. All too often we seem to see stories of people over here on so called 'educational' visits that commit horrendous crimes and get to stay even longer at our expense under HM's pleasure, then evade expulsion and disappear into the ranks of the great unwashed.
    It was nice to hear a story about one of the good guys for a change.
  7. It seems he is one of the good guys, I have no problem with people like that coming here (within reasonable contraints of capacity)
    The trouble is we do not differentiate beween those that are desirable and those who are not. Sadly we have hundreds of thousands who are not desirable.
  8. You're right there.
    I normally take stories like this with a big pinch of salt, especially in the Daily Mail.
    But it reminded me that he's actually on the way to satisfying some of the terms for citizenship.
  9. Nobody likes a pedant!
  10. Yes, he is. He needed a visa to enter the UK, ergo he's an immigrant. The clue's in 'immigration status'.

    If you want to get all technical, how about being being so with people who confuse immigrants (like this chap, here for legitimate reasons with HMGs approval and blessing) with asylum seekers? Or who see all immigrants as fitting the narrow stereotype our right-wing media love?

    He's an immigrant, cut it which way you like. And he's a good bloke of the type I for one wish we could produce more of ourselves. Try not to get too cross-eyed coping with both concepts at once.
  11. Anyhow, the point is he should acquire sufficient points under said new system to acquire citizenship once the required 5 years have run their course, but doubtless to say, as he has infringed the muggers rights to mug and abuse old ladies, our hero will no doubt be on the next plane home with a deportation order in his back pocket.

    Or am I just a bit too cynical?
  12. By the way, well done lad!
  13. What a load of shoit!

    I'll tell you what's wrong with that picture shall I? Firstly, not only did he assault the other feller and falsely imprison him, he also abused his human rights.

    What the fcuk is wrong with this country. The togo bloke should have been banged up. I for one will not accept the validity of people taking the law into their own hands.

    We have a perfectly good police service and all the CCTV we need to tackle crime without the have-a-go vigilantes taking it upon themselves to circumvent the judicical process.

    Suggest he gets time, and the fcuked off back to his own country thank you very much.
  14. Not a bad wah for a Friday evening. :D

    You forgot to say that the old dear should get hard labour for enticing him into violence.
  15. Beat me to it BS heh heh heh!