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This is so good....

I'm going to paste the entire thing. I for one, am really pleased that the deployments are going without a hitch, and everything is tickety-boo :)

The UK's armed forces are not being prevented from reaching the Gulf in preparation for possible war, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has insisted.
His assurance come after the Ministry of Defence admitted around half of its jets heading for the region are still stuck at bases in Cyprus and Britain because some Muslim countries have refused to allow them to fly over.

But Mr Hoon, speaking at a news conference in Qatar, said the deployment of RAF jets was well underway and claimed a "wide coalition" of countries was supporting the move.

On a three-day visit to the Gulf region, Mr Hoon claimed Britain was ready for war.

He said he had held "useful discussions with a range of senior contacts" from the governments of Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Mr Hoon added: "We are not being prevented from getting our aircraft here or any other equipment.

"There has been a tremendous effort over a short time."

The RAF deployment announced three weeks ago was supposed to be its largest for years, made up of 100 aircraft including 75 fast jet fighters or bombers.

Mr Hoon has also met some of the British troops who have been deployed to the Gulf to prepare for war.

He denied they were depending on American rations.

"I was able to talk to them, to see at first hand how they are living, and indeed to establish, contrary to some reports, that they are extremely well-fed," Mr Hoon said.

The UK is in the process of deploying about 45,000 servicemen and women into the Gulf.

Prime Minister Tony Blair, speaking in the House of Commons on Wednesday, described reports of poorly supplied troops as "misleading and irresponsible".

He added: "The British army is one of the best equipped anywhere in the world."

Well there you have it, the truth at last . Have faith everyone, Mr. Hoon knows what he is doing, and the British Army is one of the best equipped in the world.

So let's have no more moaning and bitching and griping.


Everyone who knows anyone in the sandpit, know this is complete and utter bullsh!t.  :mad: :mad: The politicians should not be allowed to get away with this.  Just wait till they all return from the sandpit when OPSEC will be less of an issue!!! ;D ;)


OK, bugg3r OPSEC, I'm going to tell you the real deal;

The Recce element of RAF fighter command sent word back to the pilots that there was no longer any 5 star accn for them in Kuwait, as the world's press had nicked it all.

The Civvies in uniform pilots have decided to work to rule by putting down anywhere they are certain of a beach and a suntan while the accn situation sorts itself out.

A Kuwaiti Hilton spokesman claimed;
"We are really embarrased, normally when they stop here they use the Shackleton suite but due to a double booking with CNN, it was a first come first served situation"

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