This is really annoying me...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Legs, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. Why the hell can't BFBS (British FORCES Broadcasting Service), BBC and ITV newsreaders pronounce the word 'Anglians'? They keep on coming out with 'Royal Anglicans', which I find very disrespectful.

    Don't they actually read their autocues?

    Sorry, mini-rant, but it needed saying.
  2. It's probably a subliminal message that Rev. Dannatt, CGS, has ordered to be inserted into any broadcasts.

  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I couldn't agree more. I heard a BBC journo describe a fatality as coming from the 'Royal Anglican Region' a week or so back, obviously clueless about the abbreviation that came up on her autocue. My plan is to email and complain next time I hear one of these gaffes, and tell them how disrespectful I find it. The BBC makes tremendous efforts to pronounce 'foreign' names correctly; they should extend the same courtesy to the British Army.

  4. Actually Legs if you listen carefully most of them can't get the names correct anyway ... Heard my own former comrades referred to the Irish Guard Regiment Battalion!!!
  5. Are you listening you fcking press mongs? - its the ANGLIANS. MIght not mean much too you, but means a hell of a lot to us


    (rant over)
  6. They did it again on BBC news tonight.
  7. What do you expect when half the presenters pronounce Canada as CANIDA?

  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Email them and tell them. It's not acceptable: if one of their sports journos persistently referred to Everton City, Liverpool United or Arsenal Hotspur, they'd soon get the boot. Personally, I think regimental KIAs are more important than that.
  9. Is it laziness or idiocy?
  10. laziness
  11. They also come out with the Royal Logistical Corps on many occasions.
    I agree that if they can spend hours learning how to pronounce MUMBAI instead of Bombay or BEIJING instead of Peking, they can at least give the Forces the courtesy of getting the names right.
  12. "Afgwanistan" - probably, I know, phonetically correct, but bloody irritating.
  13. It's annoying I agree but not anywhere near as annoying as people who get gender re-assignment paid for by the army.
  14. Well at least the Gruniard have paid attention and amended their website.

    Using their official complaints procedure, I've fired off a restrained but unambiguous missive to the BBC. When and if I receive a response, I'll post it on here.
  15. You have every right to have a rant about this.
    In fact had I not already had enough on my plate to despair of, this comes as another side dish I could well do with out.
    You tell me, that BRITISH (Fcuking) FORCES RADIO announcers can't or don't make a distinction between one who follows a particular brand of Christianity and those who come from the eastern flat lands of our island?

    Tell you what mate, any country whose dedicated forces radio can't get that right is a country not worth fighting for.