This is probably an odd question...

In 2007 i passed my AOSB and was offered a join date, but soon after i decided that perhaps the army wasn't for me, moved to London and got a job that i enjoyed.

I have subsequently found myself unchallenged and bored by civilian life. I like my house and my friends, but my job is unfulfilling, and my life rather meaningless.

So my thoughts have turned back to the military, but I can't help but think that if i turned it down once, maybe officer training isn't for me, that maybe it was a confidence thing.

The army as a whole appeals to me greatly, and I've thought about applying at ground level, particularly for RMP. Any thoughts on any of that?

Thanks in advance.
Whilst the jobs of a soldier and officer are very different (in all trades) they are both rewarding and challenging in their own right. Personally I'd say that you should at least reconsider the officer route as you'll be asked why you didn't commission if you actually were able to, although you certainly won't be looked down upon if you are happy with joining as a private.

Good luck all the same but just make sure you consider all options.
If you never give it a try you may regret it for the rest of your life :cry:
Sign on the dotted line :wink:
I had a hangover and a mar's bar and i made it :twisted:
Wal :?:

There seem to be 2 issues here; firstly you are asking whether you should join the Army for a challenge. Yes, you should. Secondly you are asking the officer/soldier question which has page after page devoted to it - use the search function. Although I can not speak from a soldier's experience I have never worked out where people get the notion that the only 'real' soldiering is done by soldiers while the officers laze around. It is certainly not the case now. Look at the casualty figures from Iraq and Afghanistan. Good luck with the Army but I don't have very high hopes if you have not worked out that being in charge of the 30 blokes is probably more challenging than being one of the 30. Read through the threads for the pros and cons.

You did'nt do it the first time so what makes you think about it again ? or do you just want people to write about you on here to show you're mates ?
Thanks WHF, but it's not about which is more challenging, i know that both are, and in different ways. I'll do a search and read up.

Doof, I decided against it in the first place because i'd not really lived a civilian life away from home before, so rather than rushing off to join the army, i thought i'd give it a crack. It isn't working out quite the way i'd hoped, and thus my thoughts turn back. I don't understand your second question, but that might be an apostrophe issue.

I dropped a civvy job like the proverbial hot potato when my RCB (AOSB) pass dropped through the letterbox. Best move I ever made - and never looked back, even when the old job offered to promote me and increase my salary - they were gobsmacked when I told them I'd actually taken a pay cut of 40% to join up.

So, after xmas, get in touch with AOSB or your Regimental/Corps Sponsors and get on with it. RMAS May intakes are always running light. You'll always regret not giving it a go.
whats wrong with trying the STABS?

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