This is one seriously narked-off policeman.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by California_Tanker, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Statement to the press by the head of the San Francisco Police Officer's Association, letting loose a full broadside against both the media, and the courts.

    The background story was that a cop was killed when a fleeing van ploughed into his cruiser.

    I get the impression that what he has to say might be mirrored in the UK.

  2. And rightfully so

    RIP to the fallen officer
  3. Top bloke, can't agree with more. I hope there are some journo scum seriously rethinking their positions and some judges sweating a bit.
  4. Nice to see someone in authority within a police force having the ba**s to stand up & say what most believe. Good on ya.

    RIP officer Burko
  5. Hear, hear. Powerful stuff. It may be worth pointing out that Gary Delagnes is speakiing not on behalf of his police authority, but in his capacity as President of the San Francisco Police Officers Association - roughly the equivalent of one of the Police Federations in UK.
  6. Welldone that man!

    It's about time someone stood up and made clear that the pathetic excuse (and that's what it is!) for a justice system, must be held responsible for allowing re-offenders back on the street despite numerous offences. Prison is meant to be a deterent!!!
  7. Well said - I think our judges should be far more accountable than they are.
  8. Well said that man. Beautiful to hear someone saying it like it is, in plain English with no bl00dy media speak.

    We need some of that here. Shame we have no b@lls.
  9. Excellent, now if Mrs. Berry could bring her game up to this guy's speed the Federation would be a damn sight more respected methinks...
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ahh....A-Jem,bad coice of words! :p
    Seriously tho.It is good to see that at least somewhere someone does have the nuts to speak out.No doubt he'll eaither lose his job over his comments or get immense backing from the man in the street.
    RIP to the officer & condolences to family,friends & community & I hope the to**er who caused it rots in hell!!
  11. Well said Gary Delagne.

    I have long held the view that our criminal justice system is unaccountable, and that many decisions made are risible.

    I have dealt with numerous cases where offfenders are bailed time and time again, only to appear in court a few days later having been caught yet again, and again receive bail.

    It is about time judges and the wider legal profession stopped treating court and the law like some pathetic little boys club and realised that real people are affected by what happens there, and it is not just some juvenile debating society.

    People risk their lives to present these offenders to the courts.

    RIP to the deceased officer.
  12. i couldn't actually agree with him more.

    well said
  13. I assume she's your local counterpart? You could always email her a link for a few pointers.

  14. I wish our police federation would stand up and say things like that!!!

    RIP to the officer.
  15. Very well said.

    RIP to the officer, condolences to the family and friends.