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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. What are peoples thoughts on people who pretend to be do-gooders on the internet?

    What do they get out of trying to appear to be nice and helpful?

    Clearly no money in it so whats the point?
  2. Do gooder walts?
  3. grief/sympathy junkies who use a mild sense of superiority to make up for their own glaring personality vacuums.

    sanctimonious cnuts
  4. Clearly they have nothing better to do that sit on the computer 'talking' to complete strangers. hang on a minute..........................

  5. Pretty much.

    The sorts that go out of their way to show everyone else how caring they are towards people on the internet. They pretend to be humble but in fact, are as subtle as Liberace wearing a Dalmation on his head.

    Can anyone think of anybody on here who fits the bill?
  6. reference to ppl who answer qyestions on arrse or those who claim to hug and bath lepers!?
  7. Social lepers maybe?
  8. You've all got the right idea. Seems its not just me that thinks some on here are sanctimonious pricks.
  9. insulting strangers is the difference you are looking for. This can morph into insulting like minded strangers, but NOT abusing like minded strangers as that can be misunderstood.......
  10. Well I don't think that you're talking about me for a change :(

    I'm far from subtle, but I don't pretend to be caring.
  11. Do we have to action this today?

  12. No. If I was talking about you I would have said 'that cunt smudge67 who thinks its fine to make a post about two chaps who had died not two hours earlier and thought it was perfectly fine to slate them without knowing fcuk all'.
  13. That's what I figured.
  14. S'funny smudge, I've still not managed to find that apology in the Aviation forum? Can you point me in the right direction?
  15. Was gonna link to the disappearing threads!

    Hey who... oh. I dont know anything about any threads. I'll be going now.