This is not just salmonella, this is M&S salmonella...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViroBono, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. It seems that some of Marks and Spencer's houmous has been found to contain salmonella. You'd have though they'd have organised a better class of bug, wouldn't you?

    BBC News item

    Whatever next?

    Tesco 'Finest' Botulinum?

    Sainsbury's 'Taste The Difference' E-Coli?

    Tesco 'Value' Mixed Bacteria?
  2. Nice one ViroBono,

    Don't forget ASDA's own:
    'Shigella dysenteriae on a raft of Escheria Coli and Taenia Saginata mix, lightly drizzled with Canine faceal matter.'

    I'd hate to think what you could pick up at Lidl or Netto.......

    [Edited to state these meals do not really exist and in no way is any of the above mentioned Supermarkets actually producing meals of any type with a recordable LD50]
  3. Well, as long as it's the posh sh!ts, as opposed to the regular old sh!ts, then I'd still pay for it.

  4. You forgot NAAFI 'Shite Through the Eye of A Needle' range.
  5. So that's what they mean by Organic!

  6. I don't know about the shits but I have just plastered my screen....


  7. NAAFI's version of 'Finest' simply means it's still in date.
  8. [​IMG]

    I'll bet this cretin has had a few 'Taste The Difference' meals provided by military chefs... or should that be 'Taste The Bodily Fluids'?
  9. HAHAHA!
  10. Yep. He's certainly a man who's cup I'd rim given the chance.
  11. Naafi Salmonella.

    With chips :roll:
  12. I've just rung the local NAAFI shop to ask if they have any Salmonella. Apparently 'weantgorrenny', and are unable to say when they are likely to have it back in stock...

    I expect M&S Houmous will be on NAAFI 'Star Buy' any time now.

    I wonder if Sodexho, Eurest and the other contractors running PAYD will be offering a core infection, with viruses and bacteria that produce more extravagant symptoms priced accordingly?
  13. They used to give you stamps with it.
  14. Better than the "your the fifth person I've told this morning - there's no demand for it"
  15. I love being dyslexic. I read the first half of this thread as M&S semalena at first.

    I still found it kind of funny though.