this is not a race issue

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Danny_Dravot, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. yes its common sense and for everybodies well being

  2. not a chance will cause an uproar

  3. they should be given the option

  1. A topic cropped up t'other day when at a sexual health briefing.

    Now the question raised was by a Black South African Pte Soldier.

    Obviously coming from that part of the world where HIV+ & AIDS are an epidemic and, given the huge numbers of African soldiers now in the Army, he suggested and supported compulsory HIV screening for commonwealth soldiers should be introduced...

    This topic caused must debate and arguement at the time and continues to be a 'Hot-topic' in these parts...

    Thoughts anybody???

    PS, said soldier was a sociology lecturer prior to becoming a RLC Postie....interesting career move!
  2. J_D

    J_D LE

    Doesn't the US Military make you take a HIV test?
  3. No question about it really.
  4. How about HIV screening for everyone? Doesn't matter what colour or where you're from, if you've got HIV you will be a burden on the already overstretched AMS.
  5. Provided you screened EVERYBODY regardless of ethnic or geographic origin. After all, a shag happy Jock visiting some of the grubbier parts of the UK is as likely pick up the virus as a Commonwealth Recruit is likely to have become infected himself.
  6. The difference being that 50% of the british public are not HIV+, unlike some sub-saharan african countries.
  7. As good an idea as this probably is, the cost would probably make it a non-starter. Unless every soldier visits their local med centre and requests one. Hang on, don't do that, I will have to do some work!
  8. I assumed we checked for HIV and other nastiness during a recruit’s initial medical?
    Surely when I gave a blood sample it wasn’t just to check my blood type???
  9. Not everyone (especially TA) is given a blood test. Perhaps it should be mandatry for everyone?
  10. i agree with testing everyone but this then raises the whole issue of whats happens if you are HIV pos.
    Civillian strasse says you cant sack anyone with it unless they are in a job with a high risk of passing on the infection through normal work practises.
  11. Isn't skiffing and drinking each others piss a high risk? :wink:
  12. It would be good common sense for it to be mandatory. We have to do the old “cough and drop” to check for any visual signs of STDs, so why not do a thorough check?

    Purely from a cost effective point of view, why spend X amount of tax payers money training a soldier who is going to have to leave due to developing full blown AIDS.
    Even worse, should any of us be put in a situation where we’re giving first aid to some poor Pte who’s bleeding all over you if it turns out he has HIV??

    Both are worst case scenarios that can be avoided with a simple blood test.
  13. That argument does not really hold much water as lots of people catch HIV whilst in the forces. How about exercises in Kenya, postings to SE Asia etc. Where do you stop, would you refuse to help one of your muckers if you didn't know his HIV status? Would it be compulsary to have a test every 4 months? You could pass a test today and catch it tomorrow. How about a commonwealth soldier who is clear and when back home during leave, he becomes infected. What about the Human Rights Act and the right to privacy. I don't think this would work and I don't think I would like to know if I had HIV myself, the years of waiting for AIDS to kick in would not be pleasant at all, so I don't agree.
  14. Nope, just good clean fun and an ideal ice breaker at formal dinners.

    However, men kissing men is a huge no no (huge turn on if you are AGC).
  15. As something I had never previously considered in detail, I have to vote a resounding yes. It had never crossed my mind that immigrants to this country (for whatever reason they are coming) are not given proper medical screening.

    I am firmly of the opinion that all new-comers to these shores should be given a thorough health-check, including those who come to join the army. So my Yes vote is with the caveat that this practice is applied to ALL immigrants, and not just commonwealth entrants to HM Armed Forces.