This is no ordinary red cross....

This was issed to an RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) Medic who served in the First Gulf War.
but not issued at the time of that particular Op...
I can't see the endorsing stamp which it should bear if it was issued!
Just on the subject of endorsing stamps, I went to Iraq last year and asked every man and his dog where I could get an authorised stamped red cross armband and all I got was blank looks and 'you wots' from the enlightened people of the RAF Med Services (mind you, I got exactly the same you wot? response from UK Med Gp when I got out there!!)

I didn't worry too much about it 'cos in the end our towel-headed tormentors out there don't put much store by the Geneva Convention anyway.

Neverthless, if you can tell me A: where I can get a correctly stamped red cross armband or B: whether the armband I have, neatly sewn as it is onto a Dutch Army Issue brassard, could be stamped up somewhere, I'd appreciate it.
Actually, I had the same problem when I joined; no one seems to realise that it is necessary. I think I was directed to the local Med HQ, but it was a long. long time ago...

And it needs to be done with India ink or somesuch, not something from the Banner catalogue from the RAOs office which washes off as my first one was. Luckily I found an old one in a store, but it was stamped with a "War Office" die!
The crabs at the COB should be able to do it for you surely? I didn't even bother taking mine out with me to be fair, just kept my F Ident 107 on me if needed. Just draws attention to yourself out there. like already said, they aren't really abiding by the geneva convention.
Apologies for steering this thread away from the original subject (Help! Moderator!) but with regard to the geneva convention angle, I took the view (foolhardy, perhaps) when in Iraq that if we failed to operate according to the convention, other nation states who are signatories and with whom we may, at some point in the future, get into a scrap, might then say "well you didn't stick to rules in Iraq, so why should we honour the rules now?"

Over to the 'Law of Armed Conflict' geeks!
It looks like the really cheap and sh1tty ones that arrived on Telic2
When deploying in the ealier part of this decade my red cross was stamped by the unit during my MCCP prior to deployment.
Still got a RED X heavy duty wooly pully (navy blue) pre 1966 approx with "red x issued"...for the 6 day war middle east.....based on hospital ship close to Cyrpus......I never went, but kept the wooly pully.....
So this is the RAMC one, is it different from the QA or Gob Docs one. Is it special!!!

I’m guessing ones given it to the seller with some war story of when I was in the Gulf & they have swallowed it hook line & sinker.

No stamp, not valid, so not worth the material it’s meant to represent.
Yes Red Cross armlets are supposed to be stamped - thus complying with the needs of the Geneva Conventions.

but it is also not allowed to cut the armlet down to a smaller size to fit a brazzard - as its size is to meet standards as set down in the geneva conventions.

More importantly - does a rag head with an AK give a chuff, as he wont be playing by the geneva conventions.

Back on thread - this is one of the cheap and nasty armlets that came out round about 1990. washable dont you know

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