This is no ordinary Outrage Bus.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bits, Oct 5, 2008.

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  6. Actually I quite like the guy, and am willing to be struck off Bits Christmas Card list for saying s

  1. .....this is a Piers Morgan sponsored, M&S Outrage Bus. :evil:

    I've just seen the latest M&S advert on TV, and I couldn't believe they've enlisted the ex-king of lying attention-grabbing tabloid hacks to endorse their food products. Why?? He's possibly the most hated man this side of the English Channel. I can't understand why a retail company would employ the support of such an obnoxious creature whose resume includes the fine achievement of single-handedly alienating the entire UK Armed Forces. In my household he is without equal; I will not have his name uttered in my living room. Just muttering his name within ear-shot is enough to set off my blood pressure. :x

    I can't understand why they would choose him, of all people. It's not like he's famous for making discerning choices. Nor can I imagine that he is the sort of person that prospective food shoppers will see on the telly and be endeared to. He doesn't even have a particularly smooth, compelling voice.

    I have instructed the long-haired 0A that she is no longer to shop at M&S, and that I will consider increasing her shopping budget if she agrees to find alternative outfits in John Lewis or Debenhams, and to do the Christmas food shopping at Sainsburys instead.

    I've also written to M&S to inform them of their unfortunate choice of celebrity endorsement.

  2. Maybe if I suck up to him - He'll give me some food.
  3. All Aboard

  4. You obviously earn to much.

    Lidl anyone :wink:
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    When did it become acceptable for this evil and slimy, pond - filth encrusted cretin to be seen in public?

    Everywhere I go this goon's arrogantly smug face is there gurning at me. Its like the 'papers and TV producers are saying this lying, corrupt fcuker is what we deserve to have rammed down out throats every day in print and on the goggle box.

    I propose a nice whip round to have some Turkish gangster types bum-fcuk him him to death. Any contributions? Or to have the outrage bus fitted with armaments to go and hunt the tosser down?
  6. I'm in for £50 towards the Turkish gangster option. :evil:

    I'd love to see him begging for forgiveness. Involuntary bum-fun is too good for him, he might enjoy it. My preference would be for branding him on his forehead.
  7. Calm down, old chap.

    I tune out most ads but the ears pricked up at this one. Watched to see whether to get outraged or not and then started laughing when he said something like, 'and I expect every mouthful to leave me speechless...'

    Methinks M&S have finally developed a rather delicious sense of humour.
  8. Let us calm ourselves and rejoice in the fact Clarkson gave him a dig.
  9. Clarkson earnt my eternal respect after chinning him at that award ceremony.

    But wouldn't it be nicer to hit the f^cker in the pocket, which is the only way the thick skinned, self-obsessed w*nker would feel the pain. I feel a mission coming persuade the commercial world that the public hate him, so that nobody will want to give him any work. Either that, or we find his agent and pay them off to stop promoting him.

    Anyone got any other suggestions on how to get one over on this self-aggrandising prick?
  10. Ignore him?
  11. I can't. He keeps turning up on the telly, the radio, and in the newspapers. Short of a self-imposed media black-out I can't avoid him. And I can't ignore him because he makes my blood boil. It's quite an exquisite effect....think Pavlov's dogs, but with less dribbling and more anger.
  12. Wife still loathes him. She had family in Iraq when the mirror published "those pictures". She certainly won't darken their doors again, so that's a few bob saved.
  13. The bloke is a penis, but I don't let him get to me.

    That gopping 26 year old mother of five on the X - Factor however........................................................................... :x
  14. As a former (now liberated) employee of m&s I can honestly say i'm not surprised they've hired him. The very senior management live in a complete fantasy land where they believe as long as they keep the shelves and displays looking pretty, cut back on staff and keep prices higher than competitors then it'll all be ok and despite the 'credit crunch' profits will still rise and all junior managers must increase like for like sales otherwise they'll pay for it in their performance reviews. I saw the writing on the wall and left last year, thank fcuk I did.

    And Bits customer services won't listen until they're swamped with complaints, they'll just make reassuring noises.
  15. I find it hard to do more than smile and gently reflect on why Piers is doing food adverts...

    "and I'd have got away with that story too, if it hadn't have been for those meddling arrsers"

    So , make sure you POL the Outrage Wagen before you park it up, keys and workticket back to MTO (O)