This is going to sound silly but.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by JoeyDeacon, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Do not crayon in the Infantry forum
  2. Don't crayon in the Infantry forum
  3. Don't crayon in the Infantry forum
  4. And this is where you will fail - if you overtrain you will nothing left in reserve; anyway, although your fitness will be tested, it is about mental strength, and you cannot overtrain for that.
  5. SAS Selection is just the same as Army Air Corps selection, just apply for it: see RCMO and do it;
  6. You have two hurdles to cross. Getting in the Army is the first one. I'd keep your gob shut and worry about the second one later on.

    Just saying!
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  7. Don't crayon in the Infantry forum

  8. In the vain hope this isn't a wind up I will answer your question.

    Concentrate on passing training and getting some experience and on some tours (if there's the opportunity).

    The process for joining UKSF is pretty straight forward and once in you'll no doubt have the opportunity to sit through some pretty boring presentations and it's almost certain whatever unit you join will have one or two who have attempted and failed selection (for whatever reason) who'll be able to give you tips and advice.

    I'm interested to know where you've got the impression that The Mercians and Rifles are "chippy" regiments.
  9. Children if you're not going to contribute to the thread I suggest you limit yourselves to the NAAFI
  10. If you require any information regarding selection for 24 SAS please feel to PM at anytime. I can give you some hints and tips on passing the gruelling initial drinking phase and the advanced vomit eating hill phase. All leading up to successful selection and badging following excercise "Grand Slam"?
  11. No one on here is going to give you advice re selection for 22. I would advise that you concentrate on getting in the Infantry and first off, see if you actually like it and it likes you! Dreams of being in the SAS often fade when faced with the harsh reality of selection. A couple of years in a Battalion will show if you have the potential but like I say, concentrate on being a good soldier first.
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  12. Whats a chippy regiment????
  13. Funnily enough, it's a Guards thing! PARAs call everyone 'hats' Guards use Chippy. Maybe the OP has a relative in the Guards?
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  14. The only reason being that most of the contributors have attempted nothing more taxing in their careers than a PFT.

    Anyway, I'll leave PARA 82, sorry - Infantry to conclude this thread.