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Just watched this on DVD, cracking performance from the little fella in it, quite surprised by how racial it was, knew it was about a gang of skinheads etc but the film really changes track once one of them arrives back just out of nick and it involves all sorts of nastiness, quite surprised to see a mate of mine in one of the clips of the Falklands war they kept showing. Wonder if he knows he's a star of the big screen?!


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It's on DVD already?!! Looking forward to seeing this at the flicks if only to hear those old Ska and Two Tone tunes again.

The original skins weren't actually NF or British Movement types, just lads on the tail-end of the whole Mod thing, who started aping the Jamaican Rude Boy culture (i.e. music and hairstyle). I do remember a compromise haircut called the 'Suedehead' for those who had jobs and/or girlfriends to lose.

I was only about 12 when the whole Ska revival was going on. We'd try to hang round with the older lads in town (Slough for my sins!), but they'd just tell us to p*** off. Oh happy days they were! I still remember listening to a cover of Symarip's "Skinhead Moonstomp" (think it was the Specials or Madness that did the cover) and being absolutely swept away by it.

Talking of Rude Boys, I used that term on a young lad in my Platoon the other day. I was subsequantly educated to the fact that it is now ascribed to a "type of Chav". How times change :cry:
Did I say DVD? I meant cinema!! They touch on the origins of the skinhead/rudeboy togetherness so to speak in the film but then it swings towards the NF and how it splits up the gang thats in it, the soundtrack isn't up to much to be honest, only about 3 or 4 songs thru the film.
Is there a link to said programme?.... :wink:
RP578 said:
This is the director's website:
Shane Meadows

It's got links to the film in the margin.
Cheers RP578.. :D

On a similar theme, remember watching a very young looking Tim Roth
portray a young delinquent Skinhead in the movie "Made in Britain" quite a powerful movie, and quite gritty.

DWTD.. :evil:


Watched this last week....erm...can't remember where ;)

Read this week that my borough/city has downgraded the certificate from 18, as it feels it might be worth younger kids watching it....

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