This is boring , lets have some slagging !!!!!

Sorry my slagging is crap i am only a new kid on the block as far as arrse is concerned so i shall wind my neck in . 9th/12th are still crap :(


War Hero
Is that why the queens dancing girls need to borrow HCR people then!

And hes not the only gay in the village!
This forum has been dead for days , so we need to kick start it a bit . If you do get a little bored check out the loser (MONSERRAT ) on What do you think of army cadets ? THE INT CELL . This guy has to be a fake .
Chav Cav I believe refers to anyone who is not Cav from the beginning of their military Career. Some one who transfers in from some other Chippy Bunch. :wink: :wink:
alfiefizz said:
I Heard the term Chav-Cav for the first time. Any clues to whom this title belongs...?
The Royal Tank Regiment. The original Tank soldiers.

See also People's Cav and Council Cav. Ironic really as we've NEVER been Cav, never will be Cav.
yep 9/12 still crap, hcr not to bad, seeing as the can james blunt back for the entertainment at reggie piss ups, wonder if he does discount

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