This is a scam don't be duped

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Trunnion-Tilt, Oct 22, 2003.

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  1. The following is an e-mail I received out of to the blue. Being a suspicious fcuker I followed it up finding this I cannot belief professional people have falling for this. Anyone else had attractive business propositions?

    From the Desk of
    Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
    44 Marina Lagos, Nigeria.

    ATTN: Dear Sir,


    I am Mrs RITA LAUREN, The Secretary, Bills and Exchange
    at the Foreign Remittance Department of Union Bank
    of Nigeria Plc. I am writing this letter to ask for
    your support and cooperation to carry out this
    business opportunity in my department.

    We discovered an abandoned sum of $15,000,000.00
    (Twenty Million United States Dollars only) in an
    account that belongs to one of our foreign customers
    who died along with his entire family of a wife and
    t wo children in November 1997 in a Plane crash.
    Since we heard of his death, we have been expecting
    his next-of-kin to come over and put claims for his
    money as the heir, because we cannot release the
    fund from his account unless someone applies for
    claim as the next-of-kin to the deceased as
    indicated in our banking guidelines. Unfortunately,
    neither their family member nor distant relative has
    ever appeared to claim the said fund. Upon this
    discovery, I and other officials in my department
    have agreed to make business with you and release
    the total amount into your account as the heir of
    the fund since no one came for it or discovered he
    maintained account with our bank, otherwise the fund
    will be returned to the banks treasury as unclaimed
    fund. We have agreed that our ratio of sharing will
    be as stated thus; 20 % for you as foreign partner,
    75 % for us the officials in my department and 5 %
    for the settlement of all local and foreign expences
    incurred by us and you during the course of this
    business. Upon the successful completion of this
    transaction, I and one of my colleagues will come to
    your country and mind our share. It is from our 75%
    we intend to import Agricultural Machineries into my
    country as a way of recycling the fund.
    this means.
    To commence this transaction, we require you to immediately
    indicate your interest by a return e-mail and
    enclose your private contact telephone number, fax
    number, full name and address and your designated
    bank coordinates to enable us file letter of claim
    to the appropriate departments for necessary
    approvals before the transfer can be made. Note
    also, this transaction must be kept STRICTLY
    CONFIDENTIAL because of its nature. I look forward
    to receiving your prompt response.

    Secretary bills and Exchange
    Foreign Remittance Dept.
    Union Bank of Nigeria Plc

    note: try and contact the lawyer via email as soon as you read this mail immediately so that before friday the documents can be ready because it is the most important thing that will help us to claim this fund successfully also i called my boss he said he will call you tomorrow and intimate you about the whole transaction.Because if you coporate with the lawyer by next week the bank will transfer the money into yr designated account i look forward in joinning you in your country hope you will accommodate me thanking you in advance.
  2. Although, you would have to be a complete c0ck to fall for that.
  3. Reply-To:
    Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 06:26:43 +0200
    Subject: us army

    Dear Sir/Ma,

    We are teams of American coalition troops writing from Baghdad Iraq!

    We are urgently seeking for your willingness to secure the below consignments as shown in the attached photos!

    The goods were captured here in Baghdad, abandoned in one of the Saddam Hussein's Treasure House. However, the goods consist of Gold Bars, Gold coins and huge amount of fund in the sealed boxes!

    At this moment, we are intending to ship these goods outside Iraq for reasons of safekeeping on our behalf but due to law and restriction order, we are unable to transport the goods to AMERICA that is the reason why we are soliciting for your interest to assist us in receiving the goods on our behalf preferably in Europe.

    We are ready to meet to your demand on this basis with our intending 25% of the entire goods either in cash or in value.

    Therefore, we will appreciate your effort to reach back via email confirming your interest to assist us receive the consignment. As soon as we receive your positive reply, we shall furnish you with further details.

    Please, note, this issue must be handled with utmost confidentiality as to avoid publicity!

    Yours truly.
    Capt. STELLA .A (Team Leader)



    Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2003 10:56 AM
    Subject: BUSINESS

    Dear ,
    I am General Don Powell of the British Army. I was formally in-charge of Iraq Peace Keeping Force in IRAQ.
    It is my desire to establish a cohesive business relationship with your company by setting up my own company in Londom based on your expert knowledge and directives.
    I shall deposit a substantial amount of money with your company and you shall be exporting your products to me. I intend to start up this business upon my retirement from the Army which comes up next month.
    Kindly indicate your wllingness to welcome me or otherwise.
    Best regards,
    Gen. Don Powell.

    How come Gen. Powell doesn't appear on the Army List then? lol
  4. I get at least one of these every week. I do what is done on the 419scam website, and I play along with the scammer. I always sign my emails 'Homer Exual', and I give a fictional bank account number and sort code for a Jersey bank, and I let it be known that the account contains over $10,000 dollars, and ask that they please don’t touch this, as it's my retirement fund. I then get a deluge of emails saying they are having problems ‘depositing’ the millions they wish me to look after into this bank account (they are, in fact, trying to get money out !!). I also get asked to send money orders, which I say I have done, and I get another bunch of emails saying it hasn't turned up.
  5. Brilliant! Does anybody know PTPs bank account number and sort code?
  6. Nope, but I can give you MDN's :D :D
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