This is a question for all you PARAs

What happens to the ones that did not make it throught phase 2 training or P Coy, where do they go are they assigned to another regiment, thrown out the army or do they get a second chance?


They get another chance if they really want it but this of course is down to platoon staff coy commander's and p_coy sgt major's discretion. but my friend i passed out who attempted p-coy more than 5 times and eventually passed he was allowed to attempt it again because he was agood bloke!!!!
What did he fail the first 4 times for? He must have been a top-quality brew bitch by attempt number 5!

Fair play to him for sticking at it though.
Another question for paras then, why jump out of the plane in the first place!!! it lands and you can walk off like the rest of us normal/sane infantry types ffs!


Slates said:
rest of us normal/sane infantry types ffs!
you've answered your own question there slates because we are not or don't want to be like you "normal" bods nor are we sane!!!!!
Taric, that's not you talking bollox again, is it? Certainly when I was up t'catterick, you got two chances if withdrawn, same if injured, and fcuked off if you jacked. Just pandering to my naturally sceptical nature here - but the Big Scary Men at P-Coy do not really rate people as 'good blokes' - if they do, there's no way you'd get told. I don't believe your 'failed four times' story, because it smells of bullshit. The staff would have no compunction in fcuking someone off after two failed attempts, let alone four.


not bullshitting honestly sarnian i can't give names for obvious reasons but he was a real person and it was a real occurence even though i'm no longer in the regt it did happen and i'm sure there are some ITC catterick staff para depot who can vouch for this happening to quite a few recruits and if i remember right his fails weren't stand up fails either they were injury related and he spent most of his time being added to platoons just before test week until finally passing out with 685 rhine platoon. sorry if that doesn't turn you to believe me but that's all i can do!!!
When I did the P Course if you failed at any thing you were out. You either completed the whole course fully the the first time, and did it in style are you were RTU


well my friend battalion manning along with the drop in the standard of recruit calls for the wholes in the net to get slightly bigger!!!


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sorry i might be a little thick, but does this mean they keep trying until pass, or do they get sent to a line regt instead?
Frigging para's broke my tank one time on Salisbury plain,,, no wonder they have to jump out of planes ,,cause they cant drive for shit lmao .....


all depends some go to a line regt depending on why they failedand as for trying again they don't knock the arse out of it with the amount of tries you have!!!

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