"This is a letter of hate"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gadgwah, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. Couple of things before I start.
    MODS this may belong somewhere else, if so please put it there.
    I have got me tin hat as I am quoting this article in full, rather than selectively edit it.

    John Osbourne wrote in the Tribune in 1961:-

    This is a letter of hate. It is for you my countryman, I mean those men of my country who have defiled it. Those men with manic fingers, leading the feeble, betrayed body of my country to its death... I only hope it [His hate] will keep me going. I think it will. I think it will sustain me in the last few months. Till then, damn you, England. You're rotting now, and quite soon you'll disappear.

    I dare say we can all think of somenone for "The defilers",
    but after reading about the 3 scum who attacked the "Paki" shopkeepers. (Not meant offensively,) and who sat laughing and joking in court when tried. One of them had 19 offences at age 17 FFS!

    (Web Link Here Have tried to do a link)

    If not then http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1222498/Shocking-moment-racist-teenagers-launch-attack-Asian-shopkeeper.html?ITO=1490

    I could quote lots more

    I rather think that Mr Osbourne has rather got it right.

    Dare I ask for comments!!

  2. Only one way to treat these untermensch.

    1. Arrest, detain and put before one of Her Majesties Juditial Representitives.
    2. Find guilty (if so).
    3. Sentancing, 10 years.

    Chocy Frog favours the following.

    Removal to a prison, preferably tented and somewhere remote with shitty weather (lots of Islands off the coasts of Britain).

    Once there, they will be able to explore the delights of
    1. Nourishing but bland and sloppy gruel for meals.
    2. Hard, physical labour as they are required to move dreded sediment from the drop off point to areas on the island for reclaimation.
    3. Living in a 24 x 96 tent, in bunks, so should get about 122+ of the feral shits in there.
    4. Shower by fire hose.
    5. A rigid system of reward and punishment. Acting like cnuts means that day doesn't count. None immediate obeyance of an order means that day doesn't count. Refusal to work means no food.
    6. No visits.
    7. Mail is a priveledge.
    8. Phones home is an honour.
    9. Medcare provided on site. Counts has half day.
    10. After 5 years, schooling to be provided. Naughtiness in school? back to the sediement.

    That would be AFTER 50 lashes in the high street, and the taxing of any monies needed to prosecute the scum and compensate the victims.

    Seems fair.

    And violent crime would soon drop. Either by the scum becoming non-violent or incarcerated... either way.
  3. Here Here.
  4. Don't worry. They might be destined for Feltham where they'll endure the horror of having to choose a cover for their en suite toilet and where the in-cell plasma telly only gets freeview. I also hear that their aren't enough electricity sockets in each cell to recharge a mobile phone and an iPod while simultaneously using the Playstation. Violation of the Human Rights Act methinks. Where's Cherie Antoinette when you need her?

    I read this morning that the latest wheeze in an award winning kiddie jail is to get Buddhist monks in to educate the youngsters in the ways of righteousness. 'Snatch the iPod from my hand grasshopper.' I just hope the little b@stards haven't been watching 'Kung Fu' on UK Gold.
  5. Nice to hear a liberal view for a change
  6. For theiving just break their hands with a claw hammer.... either side, just do what you feel like.

    I do try sometimes... my initial thoughts were strip them for organs, drain their blood and use what ever is left for dog food, but then I thought... maybe a tad too draconian.

    Then my mind wandered... what would Vlad the Impaler do? Obviously the answers in the question so I thought, let's freestyle it, let's go liberal. The above is my solution.

    I also went pink and fluffy and thought they could be just let off with a smacked wrist, or perhaps community service that they wont attend or perhaps a fine they can't pay.

    Maybe time in what I like to call a YOI, where they can play pool, watch tv, play sports and live in a cushy cell with a quilt. All the while a group of bleeding hearts tell them it isn't there fault they are cnuts, and that we will help them to live.

    Obviously I discounted the pink and fluffy options as totally insane and not likely to make any impact on these mongtard, uneducated scummers. In fact they'd probably see it as a badge of honour, a treat or even just a laugh. Especially if they were let off. Just imagine a world where such mong tards were able to be let off more crimes than they had spent years alive?

    What would this country be like then?
  7. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That's a bumper sticker in the making:

    What would Vlad do?

  8. Na' Use a rubber mallet, easier to use if they struggle & it doesn’t leave marks!!!!!!!
  9. Their cell mates Ahmed and Ayman are waiting to greet them.
  10. It would be a nightmare, mate. In fact it would be so bad one fifth of people might consider voting BNP! 8O

    Thank God we don't live in a sh1t-hole like that, eh? :wink:
  11. Sounds fair to me.
    Edited by me - this has gone in completely the wrong place! Allow me to try again.
  12. I'll try this again.......Sounds fair to me!........

    Bullokcs!!! It's not working. This should be a response to the penal servitude on a remote island, humping sediment and no post etc, etc
  13. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    CF,you get my vote!.

    One addition,public executions for seroius offences commited within the prison regime.Pour encoureger les autres......
  14. It has a serious side too. As a nation we are always losing land to the Sea. So why base our scum on nice land, that can be farmed or used for housing good, honest folk?

    Thus we can add little bits here and there. I reckon to start with a scuttled block ship, could act as a home to the cons, whilst the dredgers dumped there loads, then the scum could start to move on to the island and make it home. Tittyvating and what not.

    Think it can't be done?

    Au contre!!!

    HMS Excellent (aka Whale Island) Wiki.

    Before (in 1833).

    After (in 1945).
    One can clearly see the 125% of added value to this land.

    More here

    Any one with suitable (shallow water) sites for HMP Muddy Island? Somewhere with high incidence of malaria might add a few surprises for the feral yobs we would house there.
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Now we are tied to Europe couldn't we use a couple of their old defunct prisons to house these scum?
    I mean they are just sitting their empty and the old guards are doing nothing they could be used to train a new intake of prison staff using "Good old fashioned ways"
    They really would learn the meaning of Untermensch