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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crescent, Aug 14, 2007.

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    Is it just me, or is everyone else growing steadily more pi$$ed off with each new report on Heathrow???

    "It's been fun so far - I've been topping up my tan while I work," laughs Claire Blatchford, 20, a "full-time protester"

    I mean really, how many different kinds of C'NT is that?


    There she is.

    Sorry but I just pissed myself at this one:

    "Protesters pitch their tents alongside others from the same area - Oxford, London and Nottingham already have settlements, each with their own kitchen serving vegan, organic food. "


    "...and there will be no attempt to blockade runways. "

    Yeah, wouldn't want to do anything too risky for this 'most important in the world issue'.

  2. Hopefully they will all drown in the rain this risk, or at least disperse and downgrade themselves from being an easy target.

    Anyone else see flaming jeeps driving through campsites?
  3. Did anyone see the interiew with a BAA rep on the late news last night? Looked remarkably like a former Brigadier, late RLC, called S***n C****m. I'm sure he used to be in 102 Log.
  4. And one of those urchins protesting was asked on the news this morning how many times he flys on holiday. His answer? About once a year!!!!!
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Ooops, there appears to be lots of rain this week!

    What gets me is all those local residents who complain bitterly about the news of the aircraft flying overhead, even through their double glazing, and yet, these protesters think they'll last more than a month with just tents stopping the noise; on the other hand, who fancies popping down there with a van full of ear defenders? Where there's mucky people, there's brass!
  6. How the fcuk can you be a full time protester?

    I want in on some of this action. Once my 22 is up I am going to become a full time protester, what am I going to protest about? Fecking protesters, thats what. I am piddled off with them bringing normal life to a standstill to make their stupid points and be so smug about how they are saving the planet when its probably their lentil fuelled farts that have destroyed the ozone layer in the first place.

    So here is the plan, reverse protesting.

    1) Find Clare B1tchford's house and camp in her driveway so she cant get her G Wagon out of the garage.

    2) Exhume the Grandmothers body of Any animal activist, and snd poloroids of me giving it the good news,

    3) Sit on top of the house of the Fathers for justice bloke dressed as Wonder Woman, with a crate of Stella and pi$$ down his chimney.

    4) Roll around the garden of a leading anti GM foods protester, Fcucking up all his organic cabbages and peas.

    5) Walk around London with a placard that says "Behead those who make their wives wear clothes that dont allow me to letch at their norks."(That will need to be a big placard)

    6) Get a load of pikeys to march through Nimby land with signs saying "Do you want us instead?"

    Any more ideas on how to wind these cnuts up.
  7. Stand outside McDonalds with a placard saying "Capitalism Rocks! Eat A BigMac Today!"

    Picket any organic food shop complaining asbout cruelty to carrots
  8. This sort of shite drives me mad, I bet they re all claiming benefits......eating all that veggie food and breathing will cause more pollution........ I note there was no Ecco showers or fecking soap......why are they not being routed out for trespass and criminal damage.......send a D8 with a " ripper" on it that will sort the Cnuts out........... :x
  9. Taff, I pissed my self laughing,

    However i would give claire a portion up the wrong un, but i would give her a good hosing down first........... :wink:
  10. March on Westminster stating that we want the Government to "Bomb more Ragheads because they are taking the fcuking pi$$"
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Protest about the rights to protest! Stand in parliament square with a loud-haler, exhorting parliament to ban such activities all over the country (though I suspect one might be preaching to the converted).
  12. Now your getting the picture, we can also demand a ban on josticks, hair braiding,nose rings, vegan foods and wearing DPM if you are not a member of HMF.

    That'll learn 'em
  13. Not in this weather.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Protest about the use of tents! They are completely dangerous from an HSE point of view, and we all know that HSE can do what the feck it pleases. I'd like to see them pay this site a visit and close it on HSE grounds. Job done.

    Better still, protest about the fact that this is public gathering, and as such, it has to pay for it's own policing a la Remembrance Parades or get shut down. Let's see these doley junkies cough that sort of dosh.
  15. And a razor I bet she is one of those "Natural" types that's got hairy armpits and a fanny like Brian May's plughole