This HAS to STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scorched_earth, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. The whole world has gone mad, I am glad that I'm getting older because I just can't stand how things have changed for the worse.
  2. " Our uniform policy states that these items can been worn underneath the uniform. There is no ban"

    Case closed!!
  3. I agree with you 100% mate, it has to stop, but the fact is that it won't!
    As mentioned before on previous threads, there is one rule for one group of people, and another for a different group of people. It's sh1te, I agree, but it's the way that this government and their policies of appeasement are taknig this country. It is a totally unfair decision, and she's got every right to appeal, I hope that she wins but I sadly doubt it. Maybe the sight of a Christian Cross would awaken unpleasant reminders of the crusades for some passing muslim, and cause them offence. God Forbid that be allowed to happen. For some reason, this government is terrified of offending the Muslim community in the UK, maybe because they don't want another 7/7 I don't know, but I do know that policies of appeasement just don't work.
    This government stinks.
  4. Problem is nobody is scared of Christians. we should get the militant wing of the sally army to get out there and threaten a jihad of their own. the sight of the SA band driving through muslim enclaves , playing "Rock of ages, Cleft for me" might cause people to reconsider. or maybe not.
  5. This is a Christian country , lets us make it compulsory for all to wear a cross , those who are unwill to be forced to leave . this would solve a lot of problems
  6. we live in strange and confusing times in this country,which don't reflect the thinking or feelings of the majority of the people. All religions have been tolerated in this country for centuries, including islam, yet the moment anyone expresses any opinion about islam, some muslims get hysterical!! We can't have victory parades, our wounded are abused in hospital, we have to tread on egg shells. Yet our hypocritical primeminister talks of the fantastic job our troops are doing to help muslims, indeed all people while in the same breath making our troops keep low profile for fear of upsetting the muslim community. If any person of any religious denomination disagrees with our democratic way of life they forget they are free people, who've obtianed that freedom because our forces personnel have laid down their lives for them or carry injuries through service for a lifetime on their behalf. If that can't accept that gift, they have the right to move on and live their way of life elsewhere in another country which may not neccessarily offer the same level of freedoms we so take for granted in this country! Having had 29 years of being a war pensioner on 50% disability since 19 with virtually yearly hospital treatment, i'd still risk being injured again for this wonderful country we still call Great Britain
  7. I dunno, when I wore a uniform the dress regs forbade me from displaying a religious symbol. Even my dog tags, which were *issue*, had to be kept under my t-shirt and blouse. When I worked on my LAV, my command had a rule that any wedding rings had to come off. The only authorized "jewelry" I could display was a watch, and a POW-MIA band I wore on the wrist (yes, at least at the time, POW-MIA bracelets were specifically authorized wear for US forces). Any organization which has uniforms, has uniform regulations. If I'd chosen to wear a cross, I'd have had to put it on my dog tag chain, to be concealed beneath my clothes. Seems reasonable that BA require same of her.
  8. Sixty

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    Key quote as far as I can see. She breached their policy and was sent home. Can't see the drama to be honest.
  9. Exactly what I said aswell, Get her back to work or sack her!.
  10. She's too fat for an air hostess anyway!
  11. This story won't make you happy then:

    Non-Muslims must wear hijab
  12. Shame on you for quoting the Scum! :D
  13. This HAS to STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh I agree, these non stories published by those fish and chip wrappers really do have to stop.

    This women broke the rules of her employment, was asked to stop breaking the rules and then she claimed disrimination.

    Had this story been about a face veil wearing teacher breaking the rules and then claiming discrimination a lot of posters on here would be calling her all kinds of nasty names.

    Can you say hypocrisy? Or how about double standards?

  14. She'd be fine on American Airlines, they're all old and craggy! :D Just a fact....

    For most Christians wearing of crosses is an irrelevance as it serves little purpose to their faith.