This has to be seen to be believed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by orificecadet, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. as the title says:

    fluffy stuff

    yes it has been edited by nasty mod
  2. point taken hadn't noticed that one... was too fixated on her bunghole
  3. Orifice, you should get banned for putting up pics of your girlfriend on this forum. To spare you some embararsement, at least we can't see her face.
  4. shocking!
  5. Thats an old one, been floating round for years.........

    Never fails to get the old hampton twitching though :D

    I'd bet it was Dale if there was a higher semen content in that fountain
  6. Why do you lot feel it is good to go for links of gross pics.

    Why not try and least be orginal.
    this is an open site, if we wanted to look at that i am sure we can all use google to find it.
  7. I don't get it? I just got a picutre of a cat laying down, or am I being thick and slow?
  8. Methinks c-c diverted the link :wink:
  9. Oh righty o :wink:
  10. Thats gross and should be in a freak show.

    That pussey has a scratching post growing out of it!!!

  11. You really do not want to seee the original piccie, Spurluv; you would never enjoy another good night's sleep in your life.....
  12. Ive only seen the fluffy stuff picture but was the original pic of a chinese bird in the shower, lying on her back and a stream of putrid horribleness shooting skyward, arching majesticaly and then falling into her m***h? 8O

    If not, sorry to have bothered you all!! :lol:
  13. You know you loved the "say it with Penis" bouquet I sent you from CC...
  14. What was the original piccy?? I've prob seen it before, I have some gross mates so no doubt they sent it my way before, the curiosity is killing me :)