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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Wonk_Mog, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. 2 threads today have been hijacked by the mods, cannot remember the exact name of the first one but here is the second.
    Conspiracy of Silence around UK Sex Gangs
    Please send them to the NAAFI if necessary, a lot of truth was being spoken and I want to have a few beers so a drunken discussion is how we sort the problems of the world. Also some members have a few pictures they want to share with us.
  2. It's their train set, haven't you learnt that one yet?
  3. Paki cocks entering white cunts? Whatever turns you on paddy.
  4. Earlier C-Twonk the Mod told everyone to "fuck off to Stormfront". Such language, such attitude. For shame.
  5. I for one would love to know what agenda there is, hidden or otherwise, that NO ONE can speak out about Pakistani's or muslim's with what they are literally getting away with without being branded a racist or the debate closed down.

    They literally are the untouchables.

    There are going to be severe repercussions for this country if it is all swept under the carpet like it is.
  6. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    No agenda, it's just that the majority of these threads descend into ignorant generalisations about whole population groups. It's simply because the majority of posters lack the intellectual ability to take an analytical scalple to the issue and end up using the baseball bat of ignorant prejudice.
  7. Not to mention the whole thing of er, legal and PR repercussions. Easy to pontificate when you're not the one to face the police questions.
  8. Ever noticed the number of Muslim dating site ads on here. Just saying.
  9. Just saying... what?

    That they're automatically generated by keywords found in the thread?
  10. I don't just mean on this forum but literally everywhere like other forum's, the mainstream media, the TV absolutely everywhere.

    You cannot speak or write absolutely nothing about them.

    Look at the flak J Straw is receiving now, look what happened to Anne Cryer years ago, Channel 4 could not broadcast a programme about the same thing a while back due to the elections. NO ONE can speak about them period.

    There's obviously an agenda somewhere.
  11. Nah someone was on about he saw his neighbours daughter who was adressed like a slapper getting poked
    outside his house, surely he swiftly grabbed a camera. If not bad drills that man
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You can talk about this issue as much as you want, provided it doesn't descend into racist ranting or diatribes. If it does, the thread will be binned and those who persist in dragging these threads down will be tagged or banned.
  13. Well said, Ramps
    @Grapevine, what legal repercussions can there be when this has already been in the media?? As long as the facts that have been aired to the public are stuck to and no one gobs off on a tangent, no harm done.
  14. Has it ever occured to you that those you accuse of ignorant prejudice, although lacking your eloquence, may have more experience of the "population groups" .
  15. cpunk,

    I am sure that most people who use this site have the common not to drag it down into a jihad or crusade. I think knowing about and having some moderate opinions on this matter are all we want, I for one don't want the boat rocked as this site is what will be effected.

    It is truelly a shocking story and not a surprising one.. crimes involving sex have been going on for years, I am sure there is plenty of white black asian offenders who have used drugs and violence to make money out of all different coloured women and young girls, boys etc... And I am sure a lot of it has been kept quiet as it only upsets the general public who sit unaware in there own little worlds....

    This has potentially been highlighted just because it is a cross race issue.........
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