this has got to be an arrser!!!


Kit Reviewer
He hurled rocks at police and charged at them with a long stick, before jumping back into the water.
Well I'm sure he'll be happy to hear the BBC were bigging him up! Mind you, it's all relative; he was in Japan :roll:
Yep.... should have 'Tazzered' his b*ll*cks.... that would have made his day..... Good job it was a drunken Spaniard and not a Brit.... Bet this Geezer's 'Piellas' get a good kicking by the Jap Politzie..... ha ha ha ha... 8O :D
check out xhamster. Mobile phone clip taken in Naffi bogs of squaddie sha**in a tart while his mate has a sherman tank. Can anyone ID him op sec of course but P take invaluable.

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