This guy really does have a big chip on his shoulder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rackcatchplunger, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Had to read this part twice :D

    Could have sworn it said Met police illegally buggered Asian officer :slow:
  2. Thank God for the Daily Mail, I mean it doesn't have an agenda does it?

    It's going to be difficult to get any sort of balanced view about this guy. He may well be a maverick but now the lines are drawn in the way that papers like the Mail specialise in all we'll get is polarised hysterics. The police hardly has an unblemished record when it comes to racial tolerance does it? And there are going to be officers that take advantage of that, sadly. But I'd never trust the Mail to do a straight story on it.
  3. So the polis spend £7mil investigating a one of their own blokes. And fail to find anything to charge him with- despite the man's "colourful" lifestyle. Also Ray Mallon up in Middlesborough.
    If the plod can't catch someone in their own office then the real villians must be sleeping soundly at night!
  4. Whats the betting that he gets the promotion, the boards either going to be overly PC or sh1ting it that he pushes the discimination angle if he doesn't get it. I don't think the other candidates will be holding their breath.
  5. This character has featured in several previous 'Arrse' threads. It's well understood in London circles that he's been batting for some time for the eventual office of Chief Constable.

    This boy has the 'Race Card' off to a black art (pun intended) and as he's spent a fair while in the world of awarding gambling licences, as part of his career development, he plays cards very, very, well indeed.
  6. nothing wrong with coppers being psychotic- as long as they catch the criminal I don't care.

    is he a good thief-taker or not? that's the question.
  7. With all those women in his life, does he have the time to do what he's paid for?
  8. The Met fully deserves a disgusting creature like this.
    (Why is he an advisor to the "black" fascist grouping within the Met? He doesn't look "black" to me.)
  9. A person already promoted beyond his ability by playing the race card....alledgedly
  10. Haven't read the link but from the comments on here can I assume that AD has decided that his next promotion is due and therefore it is time for him to make allegations that an enquiry into to his somewhat "unorthodox" personal life has been motivated by the colour of his skin rather than allegations of wrong doing.
    Man is more slippery than a slippery thing on a slippery day "alledgedly"
  11. Read it now.. yes I was right
  12. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ah, give him a break ... he's British, innit, eh!
  13. Will he get his promotion?.........probably after a lengthy fight with the Met who will be defending their policies on the treatment of ethnic minorities in their ranks.

    As for his book the title says it all. He will attempt to embarrass the people that, as far as i can see, he's done very well out of.

    In the company i work for we have a policy about going public regarding company affairs. You need to have took whatever the gripe you have as far as possible internally before going public. If not it's classed as a serious offence and could lead to dismissal, surely the Met have such a procedure in place. If not they certainly should in todays climate.
  14. And he's pouting like Victoria Beckham bless him.