This guy is really pi**ed off

It is a close call on amusement factor between the original rant and this masterpiece :

ive not bin on net orl weak but mi m8 in prizun jus txt me 2 tel me bowt dis!!!!!!11

poojar u iz ledgend m8,,, i fink orl futy fanz x da wurld kan asoshee8 wiv wot u say speshuly afta last weaks dabarkul

pee ess slades in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
That was the equal of anything I've read on ARRSE - in fact I would'nt be surprised if the bloke is a member here as well! :D :worship: :lol:
That is one of the finest insults that I have read for a long-time. The fact that it was written by a football supporter, let alone on from Grimbsy makes it doubly so!

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