This Grips My Shit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by billybongo, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. What an outrage - a mere £10,000 for communication costs?

    What annoys me is the suggestion that he was an honourable bloke who 'fell on his sword'. Cobblers: I suspect that he realized that the sort of bollock he dropped would more than likely result in the sack and a vastly reduced pay out. Offering to resign would entitle him to the full whack.

    The BBC continues to swell it's ranks of middle management whilst making cuts at the 'coal face' - some more technical mates of mine are getting the chop in November.

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  2. So you're outraged that someone shouldn't have to pay out on legal costs for the (albeit a lot higher than he was entitled to) earnings he was given by another party?

    Why should he pay, it wasn't he fault he was paid what he was.

    Professional failure doesn't reflect financial loss when you're at the top hob-knobbing it with the big boys & girls. In many cases (and it appears this one to) failure is rewarded very handsomely thank-you if it brings about silence.

    Life's tough, suck it up!
  3. ****ing hilarious:

    Margaret Hodge, moralising. Heh, ****ing brilliant.

    Actually, Margaret, I feel considerably less antipathy to yon **** than I do to you and the rest of the money-grubbing ********* you head up as Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, and as one of the most independently wealthy MPs, who claims way above the average in expenses. Peonies from Homebase, Madge?

    Chris Patten rationalising the payoff. Somehow. Heyup, Chris, what might have happened if he'd have been made to go noisily then? Just asking, like.
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  4. So to account for the 365 day's pay he got for 54 day's work cost an additional £45,000, mostly in legal fees? Allowing for weekends, when God forbid any senior management should work, that's about £1,000 a day to explain why someone promoted way above his ability should get 12 month's pay rather than the six months he is legally entitled to.

    Lawyers, loathe them or ignore them, you can't like them
  5. INHO, no public servant should be paid more than a General. I don't buy the argument that the big money has to be paid to get the best people. With that approach, one risks attracting people who are only in it for the money. Like MPs.
  6. Just found out the fnnt was paid the amount to get others off the hook and wouldnt go without it! Thats capitalism for you
  7. Well don't expect any DG is in the same mold, arty-fartsy type well drilled in sucking at the taxpayer's teat.
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