This got me riled..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ape101, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. "why doesn't anyone find the humor in what happened to japan. get the sticks out your ass people."

    Some fooking American child posted that on facebook.
    I know, the sort of response ill get. So please.. :spiderman:

    I am currently undergoing an argument with some orrid prick who told me i had several sticks jammed up my crack because I called the person who posted it an oxygen thieving cunt.

    Personally im in the mood to start swinging.. but since I refuse to open myself up to the sarcy greif I would recieve...


    and no, im not an oxygen theif.. I'm a tree.
  2. Fuck off you dull cunt.
  3. And so it begins.
  4. You boring fucking donkeys scrotum.
  5. Nice one mate, it was worth the one post of abuse for that. Quality! (no sarcasm)
  6. Many thousands of those killed in Japan were users of Facebook. Many of those were online when they were killed. Coincidence? I think not.

    Edit; you'll never see it reported by the media, because THEY don't want you to know!
  7. Keep kicking 'em while they are down, after all they're only bloody foreigners. Personally I wouldn't care if the next county was engulfed in some horrid natural disaster, as long as my interwebs is working who needs anybody else? It's got everything: shops, porn, football, porn, tv, porn, boring bastards, porn and people with sticks up their arses which ties in nicely with porn.
  8. I have been awaiting the sick jokes to arrive.Still waiting.
  9. Could always tell him some 9/11 jokes... Americans love those.
  10. There'll be a wave of them any time now.
  11. Edit; you'll never see it reported by the media, because THEY don't want you to know![/QUOTE]

    Know what? What have I missed. Is that skateing thing over. Who won?
  12. Because of people like you this thread is likely to get flooded with them.I salute you sir. :)
  13. THEY are involved in this? I thought THEY were all in Libya getting ipods and cheap suits, or something.

    Thank fuck I am not on facebook or twitter, or I could be next from a tsunami coming over the North Sea. Being on ARRSE is allowed by THEM, isn't it? Oh god, I feel so scared now.

    The sight of thousands of Japanese being dwarfed by huge waves, some as high as 4ft will haunt me.

    I didn't know that the Japanese were such big Newcastle United fans. I saw loads of them running in the street shouting TOON AMY.

    Don't send them any money though, they are minted. I saw one bloke with TWO massive boats parked in his drive.
  14. I'd love to help, I could explain it all to you, but They are watching...waiting...perfecting Their plans...
  15. I must check if the girls who start off wearing school uniforms in my private video collection are OK. I am worried about them.