This forum...


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... has far too many stickies. Not even half the posts shown on the front page are "normal" posts.

I know it's not the busiest forum on ARRSE, but it might be worth doing something about it.

Just thought I'd raise that issue - feel free to disagree in a structured and civil manner :D

Mr Happy


I'm going through the stickies now, it makes sense for some subjects to have a lot of stickies, and "ONE PER GAME" makes sense, but unfortunately isn't feasible so I will wield the mouse of DOOM and unsticky some threads. Any issues, PM me with your "My sticky was different to all the others because...." and complete in 15 words or less.

Mr Happy

msr said:
Bin them all and see who squeaks :)

and let God sort it out???

What I done is un-sticky everything not added to in 2009 after checking the relevence and I'll monitor more closely going forwards. If there was a sticky for every game then we'd have a mess but it looks like certain fans have tried.

Its amazing how many MOD's are game geeks. :oops:

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