This film sounds promising

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Looks good
  2. Drongo :D
  3. Stop posting porn on here! :)
  4. It's 'internet grooming', I tell you! :wink:
  5. Yeah, I auditioned for that, but the light reflected off my stretchmarks.
  6. I heard your arse got stuck to the window. Bad times, I feel for you...
  7. I was coping, until the window broke...
  8. Did they get all the glass out?
  9. Not completely, but I like the pain. The scars blend in with the stretchmarks and syphilis chancres, it's quite artistic, so my 'friends' tell me.
  10. Well, I've ordered the 500 jars of vaseline you asked me to get in PM. They'll be with you in 5-10 working days. Hope your 'friends' can clean the wounds.
  11. Ooh yes, I like it when they burst the chancres with their teeth, lick the pus out, and spit into the back of my head. It's a brown streak in my otherwise grey existence, you see.
  12. Fuck the dogging film. This sounds like it could win an Oscar. :D