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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by eggnog, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. On saturday Mrs Nogg(mk2), mini Nogg and myself are out shopping in the Dolphin centre in Poole, We get on the escalator to go the health shop upstairs. An old lady in front of me faints falls backwards and smashes her head open on the escaltor stairs, Two middle aged men in front of me actualy move to the side of the stairs to let this lady slide past them, These 2 fucking idiots then carry on walking up the stairs as if nothing as happened whilst i am holding her. I manage to get her up the stairs and in a comfortable position.
    A young lass stops and phones an ambulance, another women runs into Wilkinsons and asks for a 1st aider and some bandages(This is what really grips my shit), the manager tells the women that it has'nt happened on Wilkinsons property so it has nothing to do with them, we have to wait for security to turn up with a 1st aid kit. 15 minutes later security turn up, just as the ambulance turns up.

    My question is what the hell has happened to this country, where 2 men can watch an old lady (93 years old) in danger and do nothing, also a shop that cannot give first aid because of it did'nt happen on there property. Not to sound like soppy or anything but i actually filled up with tears, when i realised how shitty this country has become.

    Rant over.
  2. Get writing to your local paper and shame them. It won't help the old lady, but it will let others know how sh*tty the Manager was. Makes my blood boil!
  3. Sadly not surprising these days hope the lady concerned was ok.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'll remember to keep my bag off the steps next time she's in front of me.
  5. The fact that you and another young lady DID offer assistance proves there is some good about-there are always Cnuts about (see parable of GoodSamaritan for historical ref). I would suggest you fire off a snotogram to Wilkinsons, though.
  6. Was it a struggle to get her to the top of the escalator like you have indicated?

    Wilkinsons have no obligation to provide first aid to someone who is not on their property, and im sure there are legal standings around this. However, the qualified first aider on shift (mandatory) should have said "im on break" and stolen the first aid kit, to take it to your aid.
  7. Bushnut is quite right. A quick call to your local paper asap will offer some recompense. Give 'em the full story and suggest a photo op outside Wilkinsons.

    Manager sure to get an interview without coffee from head office when rag appears.

    You could try the Poole Advertiser or even the Bournemouth Daily Echo.
  8. The problem is, due to our money grabbing, ambulance chasing lawyer scum, many businesses would be afraid to get involved lest they be sued.

    Sad but true.
  9. Did you manage to help yourself to her purse and pension book?
  10. Look on the bright side - you helped.

    Face facts, many don't want to get involved because of scare stories. "If I help and she dies I may be blamed." "What if I catch something?" Blah fcuking blah. Many can't be bothered, many don't know what to do and some may have just had her purse away.

    I have helped and will always help as have many here. Good upbringing, well trained or just an upstanding member of the community? Dunno, possibly all of the above.

    Well done - keep up the good work.
  11. Seconded. Fire a letter off to Wilkinsons and the centre's management. If the old bird had carked it on the floor, they'd have been accountable. Although, yeah, if Biped could have picked his bag up this may not have happened.
  12. Good on you eggnog!

    Same kind of stuff in Edinburgh during the summer. Luckely the Eastern Europeans managed to walk past the old guy without helping as they might get blood from his cut on their white shell suits. C.nuts! And there was too many witnesses to mug him for his money.

    My wife (6 months pregnant) and I helped the old guy and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived.

    The old boy lives on our street but I upset us that people are so self centered not to give a toss about helping others.

    On The point of Wilkinsons, they behaved like total NIMBY's, boycott them!
  13. damn, that really disgusts me, surely they could have provided first aid, afterall the cameras should have picked up everything so all this legal cobblers is complete nonsense!

    that reminds me of the time when I helped an old lady off the floor who slipped over one cold winter morning, now, this was when I was going through my 'ard nutt' faze - yes I know, what a tw@T, with the shaved head and all that boll*cks, I would have been the last person anyone would expected to help, but I did and made sure she was alright after, while the rest of the donuts walked by.
  14. It really is disgusting but where do you get the idea it only happens in this country. I can assure you mate it happens world wide.As has been said the litigation culture is partly to blame because had she croaked and it was because you ha ddone something wrong ,with the best of intentions, can you guarantee that her relatives wouldn't have been after your skin?
  15. A pal of mine tells a story of him and his missus shopping in Broadstairs at Tescos or some such place (so arrse shopping, not like the fun type for silly rig or gortex jackets).

    They were doing that thing you do where you mindlessly walk up and down the aisles putting pre-packaged can't-be-arrsed-food in their trolley and they noticed themselves passing the same family of NGO hippy-types in every aisle.

    One of the reasons they noticed this is that young 7-year-old NGO hippy-type thought it an amusing jape to bounce his Tesco Tyke kids shopping trolley thingy of my pal's ankles.

    Irritating once.

    Fecking infuriating by aisle 4!

    Pal-o-mine turns to Mr NGO Hippy-type and says "Could you stop your son from ramming his little trolley into my ankles, it's beginning to really annoy me?" Polite. Succinct. No obvious displays of unchecked violence.

    Get this: Mrs NGO Hippy-type answers: "Oh, I'm sorry about Tarquin (or whatever the malodorous little cnuts name was) but you see we don't believe in too much discipline at too early an age". She smiled indulgently and wandered off on her merry way leaving pal-o-mine shaking with psychotic rage and Mrs Pal-o-mine's soothing "deep breaths, love, deep breaths..." in his ears.

    3 aisles later the mini NGO-sponger-and-whiner-to-be feckin does it again!!!!! Mum and dad smile indulgently at wee one and shrug at my mate.

    AARRROOOGGGAAAAA!!!! As the sirens start and someone scrambles the Lynx....



    All quiet on the Ready Meal Front. Mrs Pal pops her head up from the shell-scrape she's dug in a fridge full of frozen peas to see Pal-o-mine smiling indulgently a la hippy twots at the little cheeky chappie...

    Odd, normally he'd....

    Oh feck!

    Pal-o-mine ruffles the little lads hair, winks at the parents and reaches into his trolley producing a litre of natural yoghurt. I know, I gave him sh1t for a week and told everyone he had chlamidya (sp?), but that's not the point.

    Still grinning at the parents, he takes the top off the yohurt and gently poured it over the little wnaker's head.

    Looks at the NGO Hippy family who are agape at what he did, and says, over the screams of yoghurt-child, "Oh, I'm sorry, did that upset Tarquin? I do apologise, my parents didn't believe in discipline either." And trots off neggers youghurt!

    As he's extracating his missus from the peas-scrape and trying to snap her out of shock, an old dear walks past him and says "well done dear, I thought you were going to give the little sh1t a slap. That was much better".

    It might be an urban myth and Pal-o-mine a bit of a Walt, but it made me chuckle.