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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_Brown, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. I should have been in Glasgow watching Ulster at the start of a long weekend of rugby. Due to failings on the part of some utter mongs with whom I am forced to associate professionally, I am unable to do so.

    I've been off the fags for 72 hours.

    I've just opened a bottle a wine.

    :evil: I could be a bit of a cunt later.

    P.S. Can we have a vote for me to be a mod?
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  2. Just copy Million/3123/Ice_Cream_Van and start a plethora of bone threads and then kick off when you get ROPs.
    Or make sly digs at others users.

    Either will help the evening fly by especially if once you've finished your wine you move on to sucking duraglit.
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  3. Nick O'teen says just have one it'll not hurt.
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  4. A. How will that be any different from when you normally post?

    B. No
  5. I'm trying to avoid them. Although I'm going through chilli peppers (a suggested 'replacement') at an alarming rate.

    A. I will be adding extra cuntishness. I have not yet begun to becunt myself.
    B. Says who?
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  6. Toilet roll in the fridge then!
  7. A. I have no doubt we will not notice a demonstrable difference unless when you say 'Bottle' you mean 'Box' or 'Crate' or 'Buckfast Heximine and Brasso Tonic Wine'

    B. Me! you Dickhead
  8. One thing for sure stopping smoking is fucking horrible. The last time I stopped I spent the money on flying lessons.
  9. DO NOT GO BACK ON THE FAGS. As lovely as they are quitting quitting will lead to low self esteem. harder drugs and then sodomy, and I'm not talking giving here.
    Take the socially acceptable solution to frustration. Get pissed, post bollocks on Arrse. Grab a kebab and fall asleep with your pants round your ankles watching porn.
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  10. A. It will be one of many I'm sure.
    B. Oh Fuck! It's the Sweeney and they haven't had their tea! I'll be spanked.
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  11. Get stuck in

  12. Fucking Crab Walt
  13. Oh, actually that's a notion. I should have a tin of it somewhere.
  14. They weren't tail draggers.
  15. Photos???