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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rocketeer, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. OOH.. I can't wait... clown du jour, Will Farrell in[ drum roll/post horn fanfare ]

    Joan of Bark: The Dog Who Saved France

    coming to a multiplex near you...

    which begs the question..

    what other 'dog' of a movie was a big disappointment and a waste of your shekels?..Not even 99 cents in the Blockbuster dump bin would entice you to go for it..

    Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour tops my ' recent ' list..[ hell, ANYTHING with Ben affleck for that matter ]..Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman [ hope he got his cheque up front..]...Ocean's 12 - Aliens vs Predators[ not even the blooper reel could save that ]...

    and don't get me started on what a depressing load of ' downer ' crap this year's contenders for the Oscars are..

    gawd!. I'd kill for a good war movie...
  2. Rocket, have you been drinking? :D
  3. Poor Rocket,

    nothing coming out of hollywood has interested you lately then? Why don't you tell us what you'd like to see from some major movie maker. :D
  4. I walked out of the cinema halfway through 'The Thin Red Line'. Oh & 'Lost in Translation'.


  5. I`ll agree with Rocketeer, we need a decent war film but then as the yanks would finance it they would probably win it without the Brits help again, I`ve recently been checking the 3 for £3 video bin in Blockbuster and come out with some of the best war films made. Does anyone remember the play screened on BBC in the eighties called Contact about the paras in NI, Best military based play/film I`ve ever seen :D
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Nice quote from "Cross of Iron" slick.

    Possibly one of the best war films made.

    Did any one see "All the Kings Men" that the BBC made a while back? That would have been worthy of a Motion picture.

    Most other recent Brit war films are pretty pump.

    The Trench - works well as a play, pants as a film. Deathwatch let down by bad costumes, plus no dancing from that Jamie Bell lad. Any others?

    What about the one about the 2 Dental Corps guys who sneak off to fight in france in WW2? Not seen it though, anyone else seen it?
  7. BFG:

    Right on!.. Thin Red Line was a load of pretentious crap.. All fraudulent philosophical babble wrapped up as ' War '...

    Last " good " war film was Eastwood's Heartbreak Ridge for a look at the ' afterlife' of a old soldier seeking one last kick at the can and ' glory '..., though the subplots kind of pulled it down... Saving Private Ryan - once you got past the Wagenerian D-Day opening turned out to be a pretty ordinary and somewhat predictable warstory - though a cut above most -...

    We haven't had a good war film in quite some time [ given the predominant left-lean in Hollywood I'm surprised we haven't even had a rousing anti-war film in a while if you don't count Team America]... Where are the ' new ' Platoon/Hamburger Hill/Charlie Mopic/Apocolypse now...etc....?

    Or old warrior films.. Man Who Would Be King/ Zulu..

    Instead we get Tears of the Sun [ passable -barely ] ..and a shoddy remake, with pretty boys, of Four Feathers...

    not sure what I'd film.. Got to be some good stuff could be done on Korea still..or early Vietnam - Inchon would make for a good story...

    If we have to go back to WWII for inspiration [ save us from revisionist history U-571!! for example ] how about forgotten corners like the Air Battles off Alaska? or more of the Indonesia campaigns...

    Russia vs. Afghanistan might be ' ripe ' for some wry/ cynical ' insightful ' story...

    Or, we could go for a rousing boys own/ chums in the thick of it stuff like Wild Geese or some such.. not so dark as Dogs of War [ underated little gem that ] but gritty...

    :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :lol: :lol:

    Geez!! with the wealth of ' experience' that is ARRSE we could put together a whopping great tale and a right bang up mix of ' characters '..

    Too bad Richard Harris has snuffed it and Roger Moore is too old and porkey ... Someone call Sean Connery's agent...

    who's good from the new crop of younguns.. Clive Owen?.. Thewliss? no pretty boys like Ewan Mcgregor, though.. need to have some real street lookers like Jason Statham.. [ can't think of one American star worth his weight - - Colin Farrell - please!! Brad Pitt - gag me with a Carl Gustav ]

    what say you...??

    SCENE ONE: NIGHT EXT: Fog rolls in over rocky terrain as six men emerge from the shadows carrying a body...

    PS: giblackjack.. one does not drink.. one imbibes...
  8. Anyone seen "Phantom of the Opera"? I cried at the end, it was a great film......and guess what, will it get an Oscar?? Bet your sweet Brit arrse it won't! Why? Cause it ain't a fecking Yank piece of shiit!

    On to war films, we need another "Apocalypse Now", that is the best war/Anti-war fim ever made. You have to watch the redux one as they nick that mad fecking Cols surf board!!!

    By the way, had a few too many tequilas :wink:
  9. Never thought I'd see 'pretty boy' and 'Ewan McGregor' in the same sentence... are you gay? Do you secretly lust after him? He is pig ugly - check out those manky teeth, and that pock-marked skin - hardly an Adonis of the Silver Screen.

    Good war films? - I liked 'Three Kings'... George Clooney, mmmmmm... :twisted:
  10. You couldn't beat the good looking lads in the SSVC Infantry films - you might even see yourself in them. Reckon the LOAC video takes the oscars there!
  11. diu-lai:

    you're ' talking ' about the Lon Cheney Sr, silent version, right? or, perhaps the Frederick March colour remake?... surely not the tacky overwrought Frank Langella palympest..

    and, [ shudder ] by no means the syrupy sanitized Joel Shumacher edition of that great nancy boy poofter, Andrew Lloyd Weber !!!..

    Next you'll be telling me you know all the songs from Oklahoma!!!

    [ remind me never to be in the same locker room with dui-lai without kevlar skivvies ]
  12. ...Not old enough to be in those vids!!! Don't think my dad is either!!!

    I particularly liked the 'Law of Armed Conflict' blockbuster - "Oi, cut that out!"
  13. Rocket, has this been a bad day for you too? It wasn't me who accused you of "drinking," it was the poor fella before me. 8)
  14. Foreskin Gump is a good film
    Oh, and so is Shaving Ryans privates

    I can recommend both although my copies have warnout now