This Cut Will Kill Children.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. It would appear that Local Authority's are now doing away altogether with school "Lollipop" crossing staff in a effort to save money.

    We all know the love/hate jokes about the Lollipop people, but on a serious note, by sacking these people to save a few bucks will inevitably increase the RTA rate.

    I say that children's life's are far more important then any council penny pinching exercise!

    Stop this madness now ............ What price a child's life ??

    Link ...... BBC News - Herne Hill school protest over Lambeth 'lollipop' cuts
  2. Depends how good looking they are...
  3. This may just be a cynical look at it but the decision to axe the Lollipop people has been done to promote headlines. There can't be that big a saving when held up to other options; councillors salaries and expenses for example.
  4. "Won't someone please think of the Children?!?!"
  5. Looks nothing more than a headline grabber..what hours would the average lollipop "person" work, one hour per day?
    5 hours per week? Probably earning on or around the min wage..what kind of money are they gonna save by chopping them…quick answer, fook all.
  6. My old man has just handed in his notice from his lollipop man job. He was baffled why he was employed in the first place, he was situated about a mile away from the actual school which employed him and had to help a grand total of 2 children across the road daily. Dad didn't really care as he was getting paid to do it but even he admitted his part time job was pretty pointless and a waste of the schools money.

    When I lived in Scotland they seemed to situate lollipop people at traffic lights... apparently children are incapable of pressing a button and waiting for the little green man by themselves. Ridiculous really.

    I think lollipop people are valuable if they are placed correctly on busy roads which are hard to cross... however there are far too many unnecessary lollipop people in quieter roads and areas!
  7. bout 10 hours roughly... hour in the morning hour in the afternoon... just over 50quid pay a week. well here anyway.
  8. copepod

    copepod Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Must admit, I wonder why there are lollipop people / school crossing people at zebra crossings or pelican crossings.
  9. Well the tories took milk out of childrens developing mouths so letting them get mown down by some banker on his way to a round of golf is a natural progression
  10. This cut must have been brought in to divert people's attention away from something REALLY sinister.
  11. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the fact that they dont teach road awareness anymore is a joke and I assume its based on the simple truth that parents take their kids to school in the car so they dont get knocked down by all the other parents driving their kids to school.

    I've known a couple of lollypop folks and they dont have an easy job as all that road rage they get for protecting kids is unreal. I reckon they should have armed crossing guards as that should save a battalion or two and would be more effective than a chuffin speed bump or flashy sign :)
  12. Because if you let the constant stream of kids cross the road then no motorists would be able to pass. The lollipop person should be able to hold kids into groups and then cross.
  13. That is a pretty shit answer. Councils make inapropriate cuts, yet keep ridiculous jobs, you blame the government.
  14. Hit the nail on the head. Well done.