This Corps is a disgrace or is it just Bns

Here we go with the normal we can't look after ourselves stuff but I really cant believe this one.

Got a mate I know who is currently being subjected to AGAI action.

Here's what he did.

Got pissed up told a bird to **** off in public and got done for public disorder, this ended up in court with a £350 fine, think that is harsh on its own.

This guy is a SSgt (TIFFY) so Major AGAI action has taken place due to conviction.

The OC's recommendation for AGAI is bust, posted, hand in LS and GC and sent to Afghan for 12th tour (yes 12th)

This guy has picked up on the WO2 selection board in the morning and in my opinion is having what should be a memorable day blown into oblivion by a DE Major with no clue to the real world who should be sentenced to community service with a Scottish Infantry Regiment for some real life experience.

Is there no common sense in our Bn,s or is it just me.

I know there will be the normal take the piss in this but if you think this is taking the piss please help or comment.
What does his assisting officer say? Has it gone to the 2 * yet as he has to make the final decision on reduction in rank? There is a lot of way to go yetbetween recommendation and GOCs final decision. PM me if you want anything further
Fair to say that it is only the Bn where this event is taking place....

they do have some "wacky" ideas of late....

I dont suppose the DE in question will attending the games night soon - or is him getting lynched a game?????
There must be more to the story than this. Seems incredibly harsh, and even if the OC was a cock I'm sure the CO or some other staff officer would step in.
there is no more to this story than this, Other Staff Officers have been involved and well aware of the situation everyone says they cant believe how far this is going but there you are. common sense must prevail sooner or later.
fruitbat9 said:
common sense must prevail sooner or later.
mostly in hindsight.............................

and there must be more to it.
I tell you now this guy got involved in something where he thought he was doing good, morale courage and all that and ended up getting arrested by overzelous modplod, got arrested and done like a kipper.

He a couple of months previously, had been hailed by the Bn as a great guy organising a massive mess do single handedly, coached the rugby team, taught operational requirement courses to field force soldiers, career courses to phase 2 soldiers and also hosted visits to phase 1 soldiers and their families.

He has now been suspended from work for failing the service test and ARTD code of practice even though he has carried out the aforementioned courses after conviction of public disorder.
Fugly said:
I call utter bollocks on this thread. Never happened.
It did happen mate, I know him he's a fucking good bloke.

DrStealth said:
and there must be more to it.
The detail is lacking a little.


I'm not convinced you're doing him any favours with this thread. Although I agree the extent of the AGAI action is harsh, you could say it was to be expected given the unit.
What is 'DE'? (as in 'DE Major' mentioned above)
Queensman said:
What is 'DE'? (as in 'DE Major' mentioned above)
I presume DE = Direct Entry ie. not LE. Used to mean non graduate officers, can't be too many of them in the REME.
As battalions go, on a scale of 1 to 7. What are we talking about?
yeah but 104 is a part of 4 realy.


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Sorry - being a biff here - is this not double jepoardy as he was already done in Civvy Court?

Or is it the age old - "bringing service into disrepute" / Section 69 being used? If so, nothing that any half decent lawyer will run rings around the Army.

Either way - by the sound of it, it appears from the info here that this guy's career has just been fcuked so he has nothing to lose other than his pension. That is a sad indictment but unless there is a tonne of detail not presented here, that seems to be the issue boiled down to this.

Bloke has been done, got charged, move on - until major AGAI action being brought = career ending moment. Two choices are presented. Get raped or fight back to seal your pension rights as your card is marked forever.

Pretty bad situation and he has my sympathy. He now has 2 choices - the question he needs to ask is how much does he love what he is part of and how much is he willing to take?

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