This cnut got a UFAS

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Charlotte_Roberts, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. Ok, so I come back off my long weekend, meet up with some of my fellow recruits, get wrecked at the pub and end up shagging some minger from Phase 2 in a bush. I go back to Pirbright and the following morning I'm dragged into the OC's office and I'm given a UFAS warning for coming back smashed, fair enough I agree with it, I buck my ideas up for the rest of the week, keep my head down and crack on and put in a good performance, then I'm dragged back into the office a week later to be told pack your bags and feck off...You're being UFAS

    The reasons the OC gave were un-explainable and had nothing to do with me, I at first thought the OC had confused me with another person and then I realized that the OC could say whatever she wanted regardless of wether it was true or not to get rid of me and nothing would change her mind.

    She didn't give me a recommendation that I apply again, since she said I had been given a second in the end I was UFAS because of poor performance. Now that I have this UFAS would it stop me from applying for the Army again in the future despite not being 'recommended' and it does it mean that no national organization would ever employ me? i.e Civillian Police, Navy, RAF

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Whats UFAS?

    I'm guessing its not cessation of chocolate rations?
  3. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Unfit for Army Service??
  4. Unsuitable for Army Service (UFAS)
  5. Ah ok. A bit like the old SNLR?
  6. was he a good shag?
  7. Recruits can be discharged as Unsuitable for Army Service (UFAS) or Services No Longer Required (SNLR) - ATRA WEBSITE
  8. Basically a throbber on both counts then?
  9. no really was it a good shag you get piss.ed and put out for minging blokes in pub car parks sounds like you would have been a sure fire hit with the QA
  10. No, he was dreadful - but back to the question in hand... :D

    and UFAS is Unsuitable For Army Service
  11. And what were those then, m' dear?

    I once knew a young lady who, while an Hon Midshipman in the naval OTC equivalent, gave her favours to an entire RM band in her boss's office during a garden party. The said boss tried to open his door while she was being rammed against it, and was so surprised he spilt his beer. Young female was "UFAS'd" from the RN by the powers that be...

    ...and later ended up at RMAS and received the Queen's Commission.

    I love stories with happy endings...
  12. It was to do with me being 'transferred from Winchester' when I was never at Winchester in the first place. I tried to tell her that I had always been at Pirbright but she was having none of it, and basically my reports had been really bad, but yet only 2 days before the 2IC was telling me how good they were? So...I think she just wanted to get rid of me and was coming out with as much made up shite as she could too get rid of me.
  13. Charlotte , Charlotte , Charlotte.......

    How many times do I have to tell you, bang the DS first. Once they've had their portion , your write-ups will be a lot better and you can give it up for any old phase 2 spotty oik then. It also gives you a nice little 'lever' if you get me meaning :D

    Anyway , I thought girlies sexy bits were genetically programmed to force them to nail SNCO's first?
  14. Leave, then take them to an employment tribunal!!! Infact, google it, and you can start the process now, using an on-line application form.

    Don't think of it as losing a job, look at it as a chance to make some cash. Don't forget to say your OC touched you.
  15. Did they have good reason to? You probably dont think so.
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