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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Schaden, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  2. I had just read this article and didn't know how to provide the link. As a fellow human being you want to reach out and tell him that you do care and offer him your help. What can we do?

    It just make me so sad and downhearted that this is all he has to show for serving in the army.
  3. the army will gladly shaft you wether you are in out reg or ex
  4. One more heartbreaking story...

    The way that many of these men seem to be treated is unforgivable, yet unexpected given the government's obviously lack of respect for any member of the Armed Forces.

    Once we get the SSAFA house campaign won, who's with me to tackle how wounded servicemen and women are dealt with after their initial treatment? I have two first-hand accounts of "missing paperwork" delaying treatment and it has to stop! :x
  5. The mother of the soldier that was killed alongside Mark when he was injured is asking that people contact the Prime Minister to really bring this story to his attention. I will willingly do this if it helps. But why have we all become so pessimistic now?
  6. Dozy, contact Hitback - He has a campaign emerging at the moment with regards to servicemen and MDs. Not quite the same but might dovetail
  7. Thanks Sven - will do!
  8. This is just unbelievable! How the hell can a young lad like this just slip "under the radar"?

    I don't know if he can read these words, but the loss of his arm shouldn't be an obstacle to him in the future, as long as he has the drive and determination that got him into the Army and onto the promotion ladder.

    The guilt and pain can be worked on, once he's put in touch with the right professionals. And they do exist, believe me.

    How do I know all this? Well, 21 years ago last Thursday, I had to break the news to family and friends that my daughter had just been born. She was a perfectly healthy little bundle, bar one small detail - she had no left wrist or hand.

    Over the years, I watched her grow into a lovely young woman... She's an accomplished cornet player, has a beautiful soprano voice and as a Brownie and Guide, was awarded more proficiency badges than had ever been won by any other lass in our village.
    For a short while, she joined the ATC, playing in their band and even doing weapon training with the old Lee Enfield. She only gave up ATC because it clashed with her studies, a forthcoming expedition to Costa Rica and her appointment as Head Chorister at our local cathedral Girls' Choir.
    She successfully completed the Aberdovey Outward Bound course, where the only thing she couldn't do was the "Jacob's Ladder" for H&S reasons. She raised over £2,000 for the Costa Rica exped and last Thursday, on her 21st birthday, graduated BA (Hons) from Lancaster University and is now looking at a career in teaching.

    Yes, I'm probably coming across as a "proud Dad", but believe me, I've seen the hurdles and hoops my lass has had to jump over and through to get to where she is today. The main thing is - nothing's insurmountable if you have the will. If you want to do something bad enough, you'll find a way to do it.

    If L/Cpl Dryden wants some moral support, then please put him in touch with me.
  9. Petriburg - yes you are a proud Dad and rightly so.
  10. Hi S-M - email inbound!

  11. DozyBint - ref the treatment of the wounded, count me in for sure. Something needs to be done about this as a matter of urgency.
  12. Ask him to contact the US embassy. He's handy for rapid polishing of the interior of our 30mm Gatlings, at least he's not all thumbs.

    In a manner of speaking.
  13. Dozy, check PMs please.
  14. Thanks SVEN, DozyBint has contacted me and is willing to help on this campaign in due course. If this soldier had been given the Medical Discharge as discribed in the link below. Then there would be the support and welfare already in place to assist his needs. I understand that we have forces charities out there that are in place to help veterans in need, but the issues we hear about are the employers duty of care for their injured. Forces charities are being inundated with basic administration for an injured soldiers welfare needs. The war pension or compensation should be known by the service injured soldier before discharge plus all benefits and hospital appointments etc. This is cover in detail in the link below.