This can't be right!


why would they do that?
The Ministry of Defence announced yesterday that an investigation into the murder of six British military police had been handed to Iraqi authorities.

The move provoked a furious response from the soldiers' families, who accused the government of "copping out".

The case of the six Redcaps had been handed to the central criminal court of Iraq, Geoff Hoon, the defence secretary, told MPs in a written statement. He said the court represented "the best prospect of dealing with such cases in an expeditious and fair manner", and added that Iraqi law prevented the extradition of Iraqis to a foreign state, including the UK.
Strictly speaking, since the legal/police work is now under the Iraqi government, I would think this is the correct legal thing to do.

It would be nice to think the MoD/RMPs/whoever would 'support' and 'advise' the investigation, but it does rather sound as if they're washing their hands of it.
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