This cant be right?

I've just been on the list of moderators, on the arrsepedia, and it appears that there is no moderator for the REME.

Surely, we need a moderator who is in the know on REME matters (making brews, best pies, etc).

Therefore, I ask my fellow REME types, who is up to such a task?

Over to you.
If you have a look under moderators on the forums page it says Old Snowy is
I must be looking in the wrong place. Can you confirm/deny please Old Snowy.

Assuming that he (she?) isn't the boss, we need someone to do it.
Click on Forum at the top of this page (just under the union flag),
Then scroll down until you get to REME,
Jjust underneath where it says 'More daggers and wings etc....'
You'll see that OldSnowy is indeed the moderator.




Book Reviewer
It is indeed I, OldSnowy the omnipotent (or is it impotent?) That's it, I'm very impotent....

Any probs regarding the REME forum, please PM me. I'm on every day, DII and BT willing.
Well B*gger me.

I checked on the forum (in case I was going mad) and there was nothing there, but there is now. Must be my computer (or me) going mad.

I'll go and sit in the corner with an Irish coffee.

Edited to add: I've updated the Arrsepedia.
fishin' to become a mod then stab?
Tiffy_71 said:
fishin' to become a mod then stab?
Not at all mate. I'm not exactly "flavour of the month" with the COs :wink:

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