This Callsign will no Longer Post on this Means

Please dont leave us. I wont even mind if you rip into me (everyone else has, but I'm still here). :lol:
maybe he thought my rant on the other thread was aimed at him... well it wasn't.

am sat on the edge of my seat in suspense and eager anticipation as to why he has thrown the towel in
Baddass said:
More's the pity you cross dressing arrse bandit.
oooo give us a snog, you big bad boy.

Letterwritingman said:
Am gonna stop posting now. Happy Army stuff to everone 8)
Don't let the door smack yer arrse on the way out.
Baddass said:
Well, your missus wouldn't let me use the curtains.
Because he lives in a quarter, they saved up and saved up for those minging curtains, he's had them since he got his first tape in the seventies..
Letterwritingman said:
Am gonna stop posting now.
come back or well all start singing sad songs to you. except me cos i cant sing for shite.
Not a sniff of that, you've got more chance of Qman winning opportunity knocks, with his 'Syd Little forces big fruit up a penguins arse' routine.

Where is the king of comedy, not seen all afternoon.
Don't know.......but his side splitting routine needs touching up a his missus......wheheh!

It's the way I tell 'em! :twisted:

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