This bastard country

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by afcass, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Full of mutant bebo speaking mong kids whose only goal is to sponge, sponge, sponge of the state.
    Streets full of alkies and junkies.
    Scum who thumb their nose at the law of the land, and who don't fear jail.
    Jails where the staff have to call the vermin in their charge 'Mister' and where drugs are available round the clock.
    Where the IRA can parade and hold fundraisers, and the council allow it to go on because they can't 'discriminate'.
    Where people are denied treatment on the NHS due to lack of funds, while sex changes, tattoo removals and plastic surgery are given out without a hitch.
    Where we have institutionally unemployed families who havent worked since Thatcher, and we import foreign workers to fill the 'skills gap'. What skills gap? How skilled do you have to be to pack potatoes or pick up litter in a train station?
  2. Put down the bottle. Step away from the keyboard.

    Seriously, mate: this is hardly news. We all know the country is in shit-order. And, short of a Norsefire-style Facist takeover and dictatorship, it's probably going to get a lot worse before it even starts to get better.
  3. Worst thing is, I'm bloody sober.
  4. Now thats outrageous we all know that mong kids goal is not just to sponge off the state, its to appear on Da X-factor and slap up Daz bitches innit.
  5. Rookie mistake; you should have written "Jeremy Kyle".
  6. Ah no I always thought it was inccidental that they appear on Jeremy Kyle after squirting out their 9th illegitimate of 20 possible Fathers.
  7. Jeremy Kyle should offer telephone voting:

    "If you would like Jeremy to kill the untermenchen with a SMG, please press 1. If you would prefer Jeremy to burn them alive with a Flamethrower, please press 2."

    Ratings would go through the roof!
  8. That would be a waste of organs, think about it they could do a great deal for society by donating organs as their no good at anything else.
  9. What is known as the "Chinese NHS".

    Not a bad idea. I'll put you down for Health Secretary after the Revolution.
  10. Thanks, although I do acknowledge that it would be a pointless venture in regards to livers as they have already ruined those so Afcass will have to look elsewhere.
  11. Hitler's hateful theory of social darwinism. Then after the war we invented "Social". Darwinism did the rest. Who thrives best in the reality of the time ? They breed. And they pass on their traits.

    The Kaiser's hateful theory that UK would be brought down by the "White man's burden" by the year 2000.

    Napoleon's theory that UK is a nation of shopkeepers. True but now they all Pakis.

    But on the bright side thank goodness for Maggie T. If we still had industry at pre Thatcherite levels then we would have power rationing now. Think how uncomfortable that would be for the benefits claimants.
  12. It's not that bad here! In fact I quite like it compared with every other country I've ever lived in; well apart from Utopia; that's quite a nice place.
  13. **** off abroad then, if it's that crap here.
  14. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    I love the way people moan about this country going down the pipes and do the square root of sweet F.A. about it other than griping down the pub/on anonymous internet boards.

    When precisely was the last time you got up off your spotty backside and actually starting doing your 'bit'? Serving in the army might be a start but, let's be honest, we did it because we loved the fun, not for Q&C firstly.

    Did you run for Parliament/the local council? Have you put together a petition on a local/national issue? Have you lobbied your MP for things to 'improve' in your area? Have you volunteered for social work? How exactly would YOU solve this national crisis?

    There is nothing like a bit of constructive criticism but all other kinds tend to waste the ether.
  15. Regularly, but it's a losing battle.

    As for going abroad, I don't wan't to. I'd be an immigrant for starters.